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11 Elegant Indian Living Rooms to Inspire Yours

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If we look at the world through the prism of experience, perhaps we will realize the purpose of shaping a living room as the reflection or extension of our very own personality. Elegant living rooms do not simply exist owing to their aesthetic appeal, but they also exude the familiar feeling of comfort and organic movement that verily forms the most important ingredient of a home. Today, I have come up with a very specially curated list of elegant living room designs. The beauty of this list is every other design connects to the other at the common point of subliminal congruence with the kind of person you are.

Scroll down further and check out all the beautiful designs:

1. Shades of ash and brown: Leaving it light and elegant

Check out this design that will simply blend into any lighting condition or ambiance that you prefer. What’s best about this elegant room design is it is extremely flexible and receptive to change.

2. The Modern-Retro Dichotomy

How does this living space feel? Isn’t it the perfect combo of modernity bordering on the colourful traditions of yesteryears? This design looks perfect when you live in a family of varied age groups.

3. The Festival of Lights

If you are at awe with this design, it is because of the lights that blend so surreally well with the other appendages in the room. The premium leather sofa makes the perfect companion to the grand LED, while also making the perfect amalgam of aesthetics and convenience.

4. The Funky and the Trending

This design is typical and meets convenience with elegance. This could be the perfect living room for bachelors who would want to convert the living room into a gaming room on weekends! There is a stack of homify ideabooks that will brim up your creative juices to an all-time high!

5. The Golden Room

Much like the golden hour of photography, a sure-shot method to make an elegant living room is by switching to the golden palette. Observe how the dark brown of the furniture contrasts with the golden hues surrounding it.

6. The Holiday Home

Homes whose look and feel exude a sense of comfort will always be spaces to breathe peace in our minds and souls. This living room design is the quintessential example of that with its relaxing long chairs, long straight architectural lines that do not impose.

7. The Elegance of Connection

This design looks perfect if you are living in a duplex apartment. The whites of the sofa, the light blue and the tiled walls point towards the comfort of joint families.

8. The Artist’s Corner

Get creative here! The wall is your canvas and you can adorn it to your heart’s content as the sunshine from the adjacent window makes the entire setup all the more vibrant.

9. The Elegance of Traditions

This time we turned to the simplicity borne from keeping things within the confines of traditional spaces. Clearly demarcated living room area that shares the space with a dining table, is also a promising mark of elegance owing to the sense of warmth and familiarity it provides.

10. Inside the Theater

Well, how about an experience of entering a living room that also functions as a bedroom while echoing other ideas of flexibility? This is where the aforementioned design will work great!

11. At the Altar of God

If you are the prime worshipper of God and would want to make an organic religious space within your household, this design will suit your the best. The number of elegant living room designs from the vast paraphernalia of Homify and its various professionals will simply amaze you. Reach out to them and discover themes you didn’t know could exist.

So, did you get a thorough grasp and have your creative juices flowing with these elegant designs?

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