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A Master Suite Beautifully Blending Style and Comfort

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Besides acting as your luxurious sleeping chambers, master bedrooms offer a perfect setting for many things. Over the years, these spaces have become preferable spots for socializing, installing work-from-home setup and for simply offering a rejuvenating escape from the hustles and bustles of everyday life. The interiors of the bedrooms play a significant role in generating a cosy, calming and yet a highly functional setting. A true example of how interiors completely transform the vibe of your bedroom and maximize its functionality can be witnessed here in this master suite. Crafted to perfection by the interior designers and decorators of Monoceros Interarch Solutions, Gujarat, this house can be seen seamlessly blending the elements of style, functionality and comfort. The designers have used a variety of patterns, motifs and furniture placement ideas to create this spectacular creation.

In one section of this master suite is a minimally designed and classy setup. The wall behind the bed has been covered with veneer, which on one hand is offering a hint of sophistication, and on the other hand, is providing the much-needed warmth. The lamps installed on the panelled wall add a vintage feel, whereas the side tables offer the required comfort.

To optimally utilize the entire space, the area near the window has been used to incorporate a foldable chair which also aligns well with the veneer covering the wall behind the bed. Additionally, the wall behind the chair features a beautiful painting that goes perfectly with the rest of the décor. The blue rug breaks the monotony in the colour palette, and infuses a touch of vibrancy. Moreover, the marbled floor and the lights on the ceiling add to the well-furnished appeal of the room.

The wall opposite to the bed features a uniquely designed TV unit and a built-in wardrobe. The wall behind the TV has been covered with a cement sheet and it includes a few sleek shelves for placing accessories. The wooden wardrobe in pastel green colour amplifies the contemporary feel of the room while offering optimal space for storage. In fact, it also includes few open shelves in between the two sides of the wardrobe for holding books and accessories.

In the same master suite, there is this another connected bedroom which features a remarkable colour scheme and an excellent use of wood. The blue plywood installed on the wall creates a striking contrast with the brown bedhead, and delivers a simplistic charm. The wooden floors complement the bedhead as well as the overall theme. The uniquely structured yellow chair on the side elevates the modern décor theme, and the painting on the wall adds its bright colours to the dynamic palette of this room.

Opposite to the bed is the wall featuring a TV unit which also integrates a comfortable study area to maximum the element of utility in the total available space. The unit has been designed by using the evergreen combination of white and light brown wood. The middle section of the unit has proper shelves for displaying accessories, whereas the well-planned study area shows brown panelling on the wall, a white table, a lamp and a white chair to create just the right atmosphere for your work-from-home lifestyle.

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