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Spectacular Modern Interiors For a 4BHK House

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Needless to say, your home is the place where you spend most of your time with your guards down in order to enjoy a sense of complete relaxation. Hence, it becomes important for the interior design you incorporate in your house to give a glimpse of your rich personality while ensuring absolute comfort to you. The expert interiors designers truly understand this factor and cleverly implement a trendy yet suitable interior design to transform your home into a nurturing nest.

The same has been beautifully executed here by the interior designers and decorators of Monoceros Interarch Solutions, Ahmedabad. Whether is the architectural visualization or the interior design, they have strictly kept the requirements of the client in mind at every step of the design process to make sure that the end result turns out to be a true reflection of their personality. From the artistic living room to the unique element of the mandir, and modern furniture, each part of the house has several captivating features to make the whole space inviting, stylish and highly functional.

Elegant and chic living room

The moment you enter the living room, what instantly catches your eye is the unmatched design of the feature wall. As the wall displays sleek black panels covered with blue abstract art. Not only the artistic elements of the wall create a contrast with each other but also with the rest of the furnishings present in the room. Floating in the space like interior landscaping, the curved sofa lends a hint of sophistication while complementing the geometries of the room. Furthermore, the circular coffee table with marble top adds to the fine appeal of the room.

A well-planned setup

You can see how the entire room has been smartly designed by incorporating various textures, colours and shapes. Besides the feature wall, ceiling is another focal point of this room. The centre part of the false ceiling has been covered with textured laminate and crystal chandeliers, whereas the rest of the ceiling is equipped with multiple small lights to brighten up every inch of the total space. Moreover, the blue well-cushioned chairs infuse a touch of vibrancy in the otherwise monochromatic setting and offer an additional seating space.

Beautiful mandir

In one section of the house, there is this semi-enclosed mandir which has been structured in the form of a holy kalash featuring a nariyal and leaves. The inner section of the mandir can easily hold multiple pictures and idols of god, and has also been supported with a drawer for keeping prayer accessories. Along with this, there is adequate space for the family members to comfortably sit and conduct their prayers.

Attractive panel design

This picture gives you a clear idea about how not just the inner section of the mandir but its outer panel also displays an interesting design. The white laminate sheet goes well with the surrounding wood work, and the peacock feather engraved on the sheet amplifies the serene and spiritual ambience. In addition, the entire mandir can be seen dominated with the evergreen combination of white and wood.

Pleasing back-lit wall art

In the same mandir, another element that instantly catches your eye is the back-lit wall art. Here the wall features small diyas which are being illuminated with the help of lights installed inside the panel. These diyas with their minimal amount of lighting add to the overall soothing ambience of the mandir, and even assist in enhancing its décor.

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