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When it comes to designing and developing functional, safe and beautiful spaces, it becomes important for an interior designer to seamlessly combine the aspects of engineering with architectural development and human factors. As this is the only way to perfectly execute remarkable interior designs while ensuring that the end result delivers maximum comfort to the people residing in the house. The same philosophy of “building excellence” has been applied here by the interior designers and decorators of Monoceros Interarch Solutions, Gujarat, who have given proper attention to construction details as well as to the specific requirements of the home owners to generate a place that truly resonates with their taste. Whether it is the TV unit in the living room, well-thought set-up of the bedroom, or the unique design of the foyer area, each section talks about the impressive ideas and construction techniques of the designers. Continue to read to take a look at the excellent on-going site work.

Exceptionally designed TV unit

Here for the wall behind the unit, the designers have used white textured ceramic tiles, which on one hand, complement the neutral colours of the wall and on the other hand, create a striking contrast with the dark tone of the TV unit. The low height TV unit has been crafted to perfection with Italian finish laminate to add a hint of sophistication to the interiors. Also, the TV unit has the required space for keeping TV accessories and other décor pieces.

Well-planned guest bedroom

For the guest bedroom, two separate plywood beds have been installed to make the room suitable and convenient for all the situations. Besides the smart installation of beds, the room also displays a sense of homogeneity in terms of the overall design. As while the flooring and the side walls have been kept white, a section of the wall behind the beds and the frames of the beds feature the same stunning combination of black and brown.

Interesting panelling work

Here is another TV unit for which a unique panelling design has been executed. The panel has been designed by using MDF sheet with grooves. The grooves provide the needed textural depth and make the whole panel a standalone piece in the room. The uplifted, built-in construction of the drawers helps save floor space while offering adequate area for keeping accessories.

Attractive ceiling and passage area

For the ceiling, veneer has been selected to give an unmatched natural feel and warmth to the entire space. In addition, the proper installation of the wood veneer makes sure to lend richness to the interiors. Along with the ceiling, the light-coloured wall has also been designed by using sleek wood panels which will be later on polished and covered with magnificent glass art to release a captivating touch in the entire passage.

Groove work being carried out on the floor

To securely hold the tiles together and to add to the fine look of the floor, here the designers can be seen using grout to fill the grooves between the tiles. These grooves are being filled carefully and generously with the grout for an aesthetic affect and as well as to ensure durability. Additionally, you can see how cleverly plain white ceramic tiles have been selected for the flooring to create an alluring contrast with the textured floral wall paper.

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