A Majestic Flat: The Echo of Modernity With a Hint of Our Roots

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It was in the 1960s that a political movement surrounding the removal of a slum by the construction giant and the most influential planner of New York, Robert Moses led to the rise of a radically new approach to architecture. It was these principles that further percolate over the years into modern interior design, interior decoration, and of course, interior architecture.

The legacy of Jane Jacobs is the ushering of an era that called for the synchrony and harmony of communities that again became the crux of her city planning, down to the very interiors of one’s home. She argued that cities are made of people, and akin to the nature of every other species within the plant and animal kingdom, we too have the natural tendency to thrive within ecosystems with no artificial borders to separate us. 

Thus, in opposition to the prevalent ideas of Robert Moses to build vertical cities comprising immensely tall buildings requiring little horizontal space, Jane Jacobs proposed communities to be spread over sprawling areas. This idea formed the core of the eventual formation of large horizontal neighbourhoods in New York and also yielded to the development of the Neo-Urbanism movement in the field of architecture. This genre of architecture made human convenience the primary locus of its operations. 

Characterized by walkable roads, strong connectivity through well-built roads and interconnected street grids, a mixed-use of different areas, everything aimed at making life worth living and replete with enrichment. When looked inside every other home built within the domain of Neo-Urbanism, they exude the similar aforementioned aspects. Convenience is perfectly fused with aesthetics, whereas connectivity within the rooms of home follows the traditional conventions of Indian homes as can be seen in the huts of Rajasthan. Today, we will be looking at one such work of art, an act of perfection made by Monoceros Interarch Solutions. We will be looking at the interior architecture of a flat designed by them in Ahmedabad and is a quintessential example of how Neo-Urbanism facilitates human connectivity.

1. Have a look at the sprawling drawing room or living room!

Today we are here to look at every bit of fresh perspective that this design offers. As you can see in this picture, the entire living room can be divided into horizontal and vertical lines. The peculiar quality of the interior design of the living room is that the space has been utilized in its entirety. The size of the Budhha perfectly complements the TV in the room which again overlooks the two comfortable sofas of two different vibrant colours. Moreover, this living room design also leaves space for your creativity at the end of the room. As you can see the boxed wall that can be easily fashioned into a library with two quaint lamp shades for the book worms. Or if you are a patron of history and historical artefacts, you can adorn your entire proud collection for all the guests to see. An observant eye would also want to savour the experience of entering the living room space from one end of the room and locating the other wall decorated with antique-looking items.

2. A Place to Meet and Greet

As we had promised, we will present you with different perspectives of looking at the same room. As you proceed you will be able to make the connection between the traditional and the modernity in the design. Just adjoining the kitchen on the left there is an adjacent wall that supports a few photographs with two chairs and a table. Organic, elegant, and charming… always leaving room for more!

3. Get a Closer View

Yes, you would want to understand how everything is so well connected yet each of the separate parts retaining their originality.

4. A Look at the Connecting Kitchen

Think of this scenario: in a housewarming party, while everyone is busy enjoying, and you are stuck up in the kitchen, this wonderful positioning of the kitchen allows you to remain the heart of the party, because after all, it is your home, right?

5. The Majestic Bedroom

A flat that is a turnkey project depends a lot on the ideation capacity followed by the strength of the build material. But a well-informed process of ideation is of utmost necessity to develop the vision which will be a guiding light for the builders. As we can see in this elegant bedroom, which is supposed to be for the parents of the family, comprises colours, lines, and shades which point towards a mix of modernity and tradition. The sprawling bed with a supporting leg rest just in front of it, exudes the feeling that the room belongs to the older generations. Moreover, a shadow of peace and calm also resides here. The room looks all the more marvellous and elegant due to the grand mirror at the corner of the wall. As it proudly glows with the LED, it has made a distinct signature of its own within the room.

6. The Sleeper’s Perspective

While the above picture was from the viewpoint of the guest, how about you indulge yourself in being the owner of this room? The TV stand and the wardrobe fit the space perfectly, leaving no unanswered empty space that would look bleed.

7. Another fresh perspective!

This is another room in the interior design plan which can be a fresh alternative of the aforementioned room. Everything is similar to the previous design except the setting of the walls have changed.

8. The Innocently Coloured Children’s Room

If you are looking at the picture of a children’s room, perhaps you will find yourself looking for a long, long simplicity which is a characteristic of their lives. This room also represents the perfect amalgamation of simplicity, the peace exuded by cool colours, and the serenity provided by familiar surroundings!

9. Another Sprawling Bedroom Perspective

This room was designed with the needs of a child in mind. This is the reason the tiles are coloured randomly with bright colours, leaving room for creativity to flow. 

So, how did you find this design? Did it take you to the understanding that how our homes are built also makes a difference in the world we perceive? Check out some of our

neo-urbanist rooms that will further cement your understanding and help you make informed decisions. Finally, the interior designers, decorators and professionals associated with Homify always read your mind, and with your golden tips and their platinum ideas, you will make the most beautiful home you ever thought of, that gives away the vibe of independence and connectivity.

So, did you have a grasp over the trending designs and how to go about a flat design?

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