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Lots of Inspiration: 17 Open Floor Plan Kitchens You'll Love

Natasha Kurien Natasha Kurien
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Open floor plan kitchens or open concept kitchens have become a widespread home trend for a number of reasons, the primary one being, eliminating the barrier between the cooking space and the central living space. This makes entertaining and socializing with the rest of the family more accessible while cooking up delicious meals. Open kitchens can be equipped with lavish features such as double door refrigerators, double ovens, and the like encouraging smart storage solutions in a minimalist design. Take a look at these stunning kitchens inspired by the kitchen planners here at homify.

1. Chestnut brown kitchen

Playing with chestnut brown shades, this kitchen makes use of an open floor plan with a slight twist—the kitchen counter serves as a separation point between the dining room and kitchen.

2. Modern minimalist kitchen

Playing with the rich contrast of blue and grey, this kitchen makes use of grey cabinets and a central dining table with blue chairs. High-ceiling curtains and pendant lights make this kitchen a standout.

3. L-shaped kitchen

For homes where space is a constraint, an L-shape kitchen is a great choice as it occupies space along the walls, saving up on floor space considerably.

5. Modern industrial kitchen

The open floor plan architecture of this home is simply stunning as it plays with distinct yellow and brown shades with a white kitchen island and a silver chimney.

6. Soft shades in the kitchen

A duo of purple and white makes up this lovely kitchen that leads to the dining room. Glossy kitchen cabinetry and a kitchen counter add to the floral vibe.

7. Pastel green kitchen

Introducing soft colors such as pastel green in the kitchen has a profound effect on the mind—a combination of white and grey ups the ante further. All white flooring leading to the dining room makes the transition from room to room smooth.

8. All-white kitchen

The dining table serves as the focal point in this open floor plan kitchen as it helps to demarcate the space. The play on white, cream, and off-white make this kitchen a keeper.

9. Charcoal brown kitchen

The white marble flooring of this home is marked with a brown border, serving as a means to demarcate each room. While ordinarily, one would resort to walls to do the same, this model works just as well!

10. Three-walled kitchen

Wooden flooring is a great option for the kitchen as it helps to hide spots and stains. Pair it up with chocolate brown and white kitchen cabinets for a holistic theme.

11. Multi-hued kitchen

Granite flooring aids in the visuals of this stunning kitchen that plays with white, pink, black, and cream shades. The flooring makes the transition from each room seamless, eliminating the need for walls.

12. Grey and white kitchen

The kitchen transitions into the dining room effortlessly making for well-utilized space. White top cabinets, complemented by glossy grey ones are continued in the choice of the dining table and chairs.

13. White modular kitchen

Compact and cozy, this kitchen makes use of a kitchen island with a glossy granite kitchen top, making for a unique contrast. Black tiles make up the flooring adding to the contrast.

14. All wooden L-shape kitchen

Combining multiple wooden elements, this lovely kitchen rests in a nook beneath the stairway. The wooden kitchen cabinets, in a slightly darker hue, contributes to the theme further.

15. Industrial kitchen

The kitchen island serves as the focal point for this industrial kitchen that rests on a greyish white tiled floor. Glass-paned sliding doors serve as the divider between the kitchen and the garden.

16. Silver-hued kitchen

You can never go wrong with a kitchen that plays with grey, silver, black, and white as this classic combination can make just about any kitchen stand out.

17. Mosaic tiled kitchen

Adorn the kitchen with distinct mosaic tiles to make the area well defined. Consider a kitchen backsplash in black and white motifs to accentuate the look.

Give your kitchen a vintage touch with these decor ideas.

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