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15 Jaw-dropping Gardens With Ponds that You'll Want to Copy

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Brighten up your yard or garden with elements of water to create an entirely new, diverse ecosystem. The outdoor living space can be transformed into a relaxing, welcoming area with a rich ecosystem of flora and fauna. Ponds help to create the illusion of depth, which is especially useful in spatially challenged areas. There are a wide array of pond styles, shapes, and sizes of varying budgets that you can envision with the help of a professional landscaper. Ponds require little to no maintenance post-installation, especially if you incorporate specific varieties of plants that help to naturally filter water and fish to keep the water algae-free.

1. Walkway with pond

Grace your garden with a pond that features aquatic plants and flowers. A distinct stone path atop to bridge two ends makes for a scenic look.

2. Indoor stone garden

An indoor stone garden is one of the best ways to adorn the hallway. A pond enclosed behind a glass casing adds an opulent touch to the area.

3. Elongated garden pond

Gone are the days where ponds were restricted to small pits in the garden. An elongated one with a zig-zag grey stone path adds to the charm.

4. Lotus pond

Adorn the pond with lotus and lily plants to add a splash of color and life. A small water body can bring about a world of change, so don't let size restrict you.

5. Creeper and crawler laden garden

This lovely garden stretches far and wide, in that, the shed and the walls are laden with creepers and crawlers making for an all-green splash that continues to the pond.

6. Corridor garden

Effectively make use of awkward spaces by lining them with pebbles and potted plants, keeping a provision for a spout to create a garden pong.

7. Compact garden pond

This garden pond is clearly demarcated by an elevated stone boundaries and is lined with shrubs and bushes. Rocks of varying sizes help to create a waterfall theme.

8. Vertical garden with spouts

A vertical garden is a great option if you want to save floor space as this lovely garden does. Spouts from the wall open up into a pond creating a waterfall effect.

9. Overhead pond

Two storeyed houses have the advantage of having an underlying pond to fill awkward spaces. While maintenance might be an issue, the aesthetic is surely worth the price.

10. Miniscule garden

This cute and compact garden begins with potted plants resting on a bed of pebbles, lined with a strip of mowed grass. A central pot filled with water serves as a pond.

11. Zen garden

A zen garden is a great way to reel in tranquility and peace—this garden makes use of a Feng Shui-inspired buddha statue that rests at the head of the pool with potted plants as accompaniment. 

12. Zen garden with stone path

Continuing where the previous idea left us, this zen garden makes use of a stone path alongside creepers and crawlers surrounding the pool which can just as well serve as a pond! 

13. Aesthetically pleasing garden

This lawn is aesthetically crafted—laying out a bed of pebbles and circular stone paths that add a lovely touch. Lighted to perfection, the garden stands out particularly at night. 

14. Cozy garden with pool

Lighted with lamps and candles, this garden is perfect for a romantic getaway. Potted plants lining the circular pond create a unique setting. 

15. Rock laden pond

This modern garden pool represents a stream with rocks of varying shapes and sizes, lined with potted and aquatic plants bringing out the best in this neat little nook. 

Complement your garden with hanging chairs to make for a comfortable, relaxing setting. 

Would you like to incorporate a pond in your garden? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!

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