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13 Breathtaking Luxury Houses You Cannot Miss

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Humans have always been patrons of grandeur. They have learnt the mastery of architecture to understand in depth the intricacies of nature in all its wonderful creations. Emulating the natural wonders of the world, humans have also tried out their hands in artificial statues, erected monuments, and even constructed homes from scratch that have lasted hundreds of years. 

And the most profound creations of the human mind in the field of architecture are put to their best of limits when it comes to designing luxury apartments. Contemporary architecture, since the postmodern trends of Jane Jacobs, has steered focus on unique varieties of luxury houses. Their grandeur has found many innovative ways to fashion itself. 

Nothing is set in stone, starting from apartment elevation to whether it would be a duplex house interior with a central common wall or separate kitchens with a long connecting round stairwell clutching the two floors elegantly. Each floor can be thematically designed with corresponding bathroom fittings.

So, let’s say the first floor of your grand luxury house comprises modern door design with postmodernism architecture, whereas the guests would first encounter the grandeur of supreme furniture amidst the elegant retro-themed ambience. There are innumerable such fusions that are possible to be fashioned out if one has the imagination and the executive capacity to translate them into reality. 

We at Homify, provide you with the best sources and creative gusts of inspiration that will not just help you build your dream home, but also further push your mind to make the best out of it. Here are some of our ideas which are bits and pieces of different designs by 7WD Design Studio. Have a look to get a feel of sophistication, grandeur, and elegance punched together.

The Grand Entrance

A luxury house designed with care and a wilful perfection should have an entrance that sets the show for the entire visual and ambient experience your guests would be living in for the next couple of hours. Akin to the events of a film, like its first half. A grand entrance will hook your guests at the very first chance. Observe how the giant Budhha head becomes the centre of elegance here.

Would you want a thematic continuation to your entrance?

If you are planning a linear ride for your guests through the visual experience, you can adorn the living room in this fashion. The chakras perfectly complement the mahogany woodwork, coupled with the matched bed covers that only add to the vibrancy of the room. However, if you want to surprise your guests a bit more, take a look at the next idea.

Towards a Quiet and Calm Ambiance

How about a quaint drawing room exuding serenity with a powerful yet soothing night lamp enhancing the ambience? This combination of whites and browns matched with the wall ornaments also make a compelling choice for those looking for a mix of retro and modern in their living rooms.

The Ultra Modern Living Room

This is another thematic continuation of the giant Buddha at the entrance. In this arrangement, a similar massive wall structure of another artwork is put up. This is well complemented by the adjoining comfortable sofas of plain white that shine under the lights of the false ceiling.

A Peaceful and Secluded Corner

Every bungalow, every mansion, and every luxury house has a secret corner of quietude. While the entire crowd may go after the eye-dazzling corners of the room, creative people and artists will look for someplace quiet. Ingenious professionals will always make a dedicated space for such people, a room full of artwork that takes them on a time warp will accentuate their love for the house and its design. A creative room filled with dim lights that allow imagination to flow.

The Grand Bedroom That’s Too Alluring

Now when every other room has been brimmed to its capacity with the perfect designs and ornamentations, you have a wide array of bedrooms to choose from. Simply going by the sleeper’s rules, the bedroom comprising a king-size bed, cupboards, and the perfect blinds for the windows will give you the best sleep you had in years!

Or, the bedroom with lights?

This is the perfect bedroom for teenagers and those in their twenties. Not too mature, not too childish, but the perfect amalgam of innocence and seriousness packed and mixed and reflected in every element of the room.

Or, would you prefer our special choice?

Nothing much to talk about here because the design, the colours, the shapes and the lines combine in perfect symmetry to give you a bedroom you can be proud of every day!

Bedroom for kids?

Have you chalked out a plan about how you would want the bedroom for your kids? That’s the beauty of luxury homes: they give you room to decide how you want to adorn every other angle of your elegant home! This bedroom for children has every other aspect perfectly balanced. It not only has enough room for your kid’s friends but entering the room gives a beautiful ambience of innocence.

The Grandest Washroom You Have Ever Seen

We cannot miss out on the washroom aesthetics of your luxury home because without it, no grand eloquence is complete. Look at this glass-walled and marble floor bathroom that will be congruent with most of the elegant floorings and wallings of the other rooms.

A Simple Bathroom Exuding Style

Or, alternatively, you could also ask for a minimalist style and design without much hullabaloo around it. Only, once inside, the bathroom shall be updated to the latest and trending sanitation products!

Stairway to Heaven

How can a grand bungalow ever be complete if it doesn’t have a memorable staircase that reminds us of Hitchock’s ‘Psycho’? It would be the bloodline that connects all the floors and rooms together! It would be a treat to watch.

A Chandelier at the Staircase overlooking the Exit

The way that leads to the exit should also be equally majestic and marvellous! After the perfect warm welcome, now is the time for your guests to leave with a worthy remembrance.

If you liked all these ideas, chances are, you will come to love almost all the magnificent KW luxury houses. Their homes emote and speak out the strongest emotions of the owner.

Could you chalk out the luxury house of your choice from these ideas? Let us know in the comments.

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