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7 Elegant TV Stand Designs to Have at Home

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The variety of living room furniture has exceeded all its limits in terms of creativity, material, perspective, colours and shades, playing of life, etc. In contemporary times, much like every other accessory at our homes, TV stand designs alongside living room designs have become ornamental extensions of our personality. Over the years, the pride of the material of the furniture has been replaced by varied palettes of materials mixed together organically. 

A musical harmony of plywood furniture, hardwood, and other assortments of a wooden furniture design, orchestrated by elements that make the room feel spacious. A well-designed TV stand is an indispensable part of any living room furniture. And since the advent of smart TVs, postmodernist interior designers and architects often make the TV stand the locus of their living room designs. 

Some interior designers in Pune also follow this trend of imagining the living around about and around a TV stand or TV wall. One of the reasons behind this is you can actually play around and easily work around the traditional rules of interior design, decoration, and architecture. It is a cakewalk today to incorporate styles of modular furniture with your TV wall design and make it a piece of compact space-saving furniture with a touch of your elegant personality. Be it a penthouse apartment or an enormous 4 BHK flats, the range of ideas will simply amaze you. 

KW TV stands have one of the most jubilant track records of being a comprehensive structure exuding strength, flexibility, and versatility. Let’s take you on a pleasant ride through the different varieties of TV stands that are trending.

The compact ensemble of convenience, durability, and elegance

We thought to start this list with furniture style from D’zine studio. It is exactly what patrons of compactness would adore. Three spacious shelves complement the large LED while the glaze of the plywood will blend perfectly with any room of your choice. What’s better, this furniture piece can also become the focal point of an even larger assortment of entertainment centers, if you are planning to build one. The thing about entertainment centers is, they come to occupy a large space while they also leave negative space amidst the design which can verily be used to your heart’s content. So, this wall TV design can build a nest in your imagination of the perfect living sort assortment.

The ones with the massive apartments…

Elegant, expansive apartments pave the way for the exigent and exalted usage of positive and negative space on the walls and create some of the most mesmerizing combinations and designs. Look at this perfect amalgam of beige sofas, false ceilings, a petite centre table that does not draw too much attention, while the LED comfortably rests on the ply. Moreover, the surrounding blank space of the TV paves space for its future conversion into a thorough media centre.

The Lovers of Blank Space

How about keeping a space entirely blank and allow time for your creative juices to flow? For those still unsure whether you would want to paint the adjoining wall where your TV stands, or whether a wide assortment of lights would suit better, this arrangement will be a fair addendum for living room designs. The best part about these designs is they are multi-functional without the intention of being so. You can easily fit other little accessories such as bookshelves, decorative items, lampshades, and other ingenious interior decoration items.

When yellow is the warmest colour!

What if we tell you that the aforementioned arrangement could also be elegantly strapped into a living room of about 600 to 700 sq. ft.? However difficult it may seem to believe, it is actually quite a feasible and cost-effective arrangement. This is a mix of elegance, a lot of yellow hues, starting from the yellow lights from the false ceiling to the brightly polished sun mica (that you can customize to your heart’s content), and finally, a grand chandelier will complete the aesthetic appeal of the entire arrangement.

How to make a single living space elegant with an LED TV?

In our time-crunched lives and the space-crunched world, should we ever stop trying to make fit the best of our creativity? There is an innumerable number of people who live the most elegantly in teeny-tiny one-room apartments. We should always take the Japanese style of living which is also apparent in their architecture when space crunch is the issue. This arrangement is an example of one such design which will add the elegance quotient to any blandly coloured or shaped room, irrespective of its size. Needless to say, this furniture piece is widely open to all kinds of improvisations in the future to further enhance your apartment.

But can we have something exclusively for bachelors?

Well, right when you were thinking every other arrangement on this is too sophisticated, we have something specifically that would meet all the requirements of a simple TV stand. No extra appendage, neither any planning for the same in the future. This arrangement is dedicated to bachelors who prefer keeping a separate room for entertainment. However, a room of entertainment created by bachelors for bachelors looks quite different from media centers made by family men! Bachelors’ rooms are replete with gadgets of different kinds which occupy their own space, which is why they prefer small TV wall cabinets placed perfectly to maintain the sound and visual balance in the room ambience. This setup is a perfect example of that!

Playing with shapes and sizes

We thought it would be great if we ended this list with an inspiring play of shapes and lights in a living room design. This is why we chose this arrangement. Observe the careful assembling of lines, perpendiculars, and shapes in the apparently simple looking yet spacious and tidy setup. It has a standalone wall TV cabinet, while the sofas are comfortably seated at a distance. The best part about this design is it has a major flexibility quotient as it does not bind the room with it. The entire room can always be divided into compartmentalized arrangements if needed.

All the aforementioned designs have been produced by the d-zine studio. Don’t miss out on some of the best living room ideas they have to offer at comfortable prices!

Did your creative juices get enthralled watching these beautiful furniture arrangements?

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