Ready for Summer: 16 Modern Swimming Pools You'll Want to Swimm In

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Summer vacations are synonymous with ice-cream delights, endless light, balmy nights, and not to forget, pool parties and get-togethers. Whether you're a parent to young children or are simply looking for effective ways to beat the heat, there's no denying the peace and tranquility that a dip in the pool can bring about. With the help of an interior designer or decorator, you can introduce a swimming pool in those awkward spaces in your home to get the best out of summer. Take a look at these stunning modern swimming pools to inspire you.

1. Semi-circle shaped pool

Awkward spaces in the backyard can be fine-tuned to include a swimming pool. This pool makes use of a semi-circular pool that is lined with brown tiles.

2. Rooftop swimming pool

Having a pool on the rooftop is a luxury that not a lot of people have, but if space allows for it, this is a must-try! A simple rectangular-shaped pool that offers a picturesque view of nature adds to the experience.

3. Semi-indoor pool

For a more private setting, consider an indoor pool embedded within a wooden-plank setting, creating the right contrast. Greenery and potted plants make for a wonderful, peaceful experience.

4. Indoor pool

An indoor pool offers privacy that can be extended to host private pool parties. You could also turn the pool into a spa with the simple addition of making it a heated one.

5. Terrace swimming pool

A swimming pool with peacock feather-lined tiles makes for an impressive display that is bound to get heads turning! Having a few cushioned beach chairs by the side creates a vacation-like vibe.

6. Open swimming pool

An open swimming pool might not shield you against the elements of nature and is subject to constant maintenance, but is always a great way to entertain children during summer vacations.

7. Rectangular-shaped pool

Create a zen garden experience by incorporating a few elements such as relaxing spa beds and a stone path amidst the lush greenery of your backyard. This therapeutic experience could just be the respite you seek at the end of a long, tiresome day.

8. Pool with lighted ceiling

A dedicated room for the pool is never a bad idea, and neither is choosing a uniform theme for it. This asymmetric pool comes with a blue-lighted ceiling that continues along the walls of the room making for a stunning setting.

9. Oval-shaped pool

An oval-shaped pool serves as a great addition to any independent home as this image so wonderfully depicts. A concrete path ensures that the water doesn't form puddles that could cause people to slip.

10. Circular pool

This circular pool is lined with brown and white tiles in a lovely pattern, bringing out the best aesthetic. Consider having the pool installed right next to the lawn for a unique contrast in colors.

11. Half-open pool

A pool that has a mix of an open and closed ceiling gives rise to a number of patterns that look lovely against well-patterned floor tiles.

12. Indoor spa

An indoor spa works just as well as a pool and is a great option for homeowners who do not have the luxury of space. Potted plants lining the pool create a refreshing experience that is bound to leave you relaxed.

13. Backyard pool

A pool in the backyard is a great way to make use of awkward spaces. Going with an all-white model keeps the color contrast alive making for a welcoming setting.

14. Lighted outdoor pool

For those late-night swims, it is essential to have lighting, which adds to the decor's bringing about quite a change.

15. Lighted indoor pool

An indoor pool offers you the privacy that is impossible to miss out on—consider plywood floors lined with brown and black tiles for the best effect.

16. Pool with lawn

Lawns and pools go hand in hand, much like two peas in a pod! Consider placing a hanging chair, along with a dining table for those poolside meals!

Introduce romantic decor in your home to give it that upper edge.

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