11 Stunning Furniture And Decoration Ideas With Rattan

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Rattan is a natural material used to make furniture and decor, derived from the palm plant. The durable and flexible product is often woven and bent into a number of patterns and shapes, manifesting itself in patio furniture, lighting, tabletop accessories, and so on. It is often attributed to bringing in a touch of coastal, boho, traditional, or contemporary touches to a room. With the help of an interior designer or decorator, you can create a stunning all-rattan room or perhaps, rooms that feature rattan in subtle or significant ways according to your liking.

1. For the balcony

Consider rattan chairs for the balcony to unwind at the end of a long, tiring day. Pair them up with a set of well-upholstered white cushions for a wonderful contrast between brown and white against an all-brown floor.

2. For the backyard

Reel in an antique vibe by introducing a rocking chair in your front or back yard. Adding cushions or upholstering makes for a more comfortable seat while adding a few chairs as accompaniment completes the area.

3. For the sitting area

If you have an in-house office or perhaps are looking to create a space for your guests to be seated in, consider a series of rattan chairs lined up in this fashion. Greenery or other Feng Shui items such as a Buddha statue brighten the area.

4. For the living room

Spruce up a modern-themed living room by introducing rattan stools, footstools, or even a center table. To create a general theme, opt for white furniture with brown cushions and a brown carpeted floor.

5. For an outdoor seating area

Consider flooring made of rattan tiles, meticulously stitched together to form a mat. Place a couple of rattan chairs with white and orange cushions to bring about a rustic, charming look that is perfect to welcome the night sky in!

6. For the dining room

Separating areas in a home is always a challenge—what better way to do it than to make use of a rattan divider with intricate patterns. Opting for wooden chairs, a dining table and doors in the same color creates a boho theme.

7. For the balcony shutter or door

Spruce up regular glass doors by introducing a natural element such as rattan. If you're a fan of pull-down shutters, then you can opt for them, although rattan doors work just as well.

8. For the lounge area

Rooms with high-rise ceilings often benefit from glass doors and windows. Bring in a modern and rustic charm by introducing rattan furniture which can include stools, chairs, tables, or even wall cladding.

9. For the backyard

You can turn just about any space into an area of relaxation with the help of nifty furniture. If you are pressed for space in the backyard, all you need is a couple of synthetic rattan chairs for a warm, welcoming feel.

10. For the walls

Rattan decor has an earthy tone to it that is simply impossible to miss out on. This dining room makes use of a wall cladding made of a circular rattan frame with a mirror.

11. For the stairway

The stairway offers a great deal of scattered space that can be occupied by rattan chairs and stools for an earthy charm.

Complement rattan furniture with handicraft decor that you can seamlessly integrate into your home right away.

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