7 trending interior design themes of 2021 to inspire you

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When it comes to revamping your home, you not only have to pick something trendy but also have to make sure that it blends in with and highlights the architectural features of your house. While there are many words such as Scandinavian, Contemporary, Mid Century Modern, and Rustic, that have gained immense popularity among the home owners, not everyone knows which design theme can suit their home and personal taste the best. So, to guide you and help you gain a deeper knowledge about such designs, here the interior designers and decorators from Lakkad Works, Delhi, have presented a well-curated list that you can refer to. In fact, they have included detailed visuals to provide just the kind of experience your ocular senses require.

1.Art Deco Delight

Extensive use of bold geometric elements, graphic patterns, polished chrome, glossy timber furnishings, glass and mirrors, and layered sultry lighting, indicates towards the glamorous and highly elegant Art Deco Delight theme. This design was considered as the epitome of magnificence during 1920’s. When executed perfectly, its artistic expression and exotic touches seamlessly add a visual flavour to your décor.

2. Bohemian Beauty

For those who prefer perfectly undone yet totally done kind of design style, in other words, something absolutely carefree, Bohemian is definitely the most suitable theme. This style beautifully combines inspiration from global travel, mementos and on-shop finds to provide that much needed warmth to your house. By fusing natural to metallic textures, tones from warm reds to purples, beaded decorations, and plenty of layering, Boho theme often results in an eclectic decor.

3. Classical reflection

If you enjoy a rich, formal setting, especially in your living room, then you are likely to get drawn towards the symmetry, sophistication and simplistic elements of classical design style. Put together by combining glided frames, ornate woodwork, heavy drapery, neutral shades, this design offers a soothing ambience. However, the natural brown is used in a calculated manner to prevent the room from radiating a gloomy feel.

4. Hollywood Glam

Referred as the embodiment of luxury, Hollywood Glam with its deluxe furnishings, accents such as metallics, velvets, and rich colour palettes, helps you make a bold statement. Usually presented as an amalgamation of different styles including art deco, neoclassical and mid-century, this design allows you to freely mix and match numerous elements while ensuring a mess-free ambience.

5. Industrial Edge

While it appears to be modern, this design style is actually quite rustic and raw. Fashioned with materials such as exposed timber, steel and brick, industrial design gives the required edge to the interiors. By maintaining the essence of 20th century, this design brings out its undone beauty and fickle appeal. Moreover, its unisex appearance fits larger spaces of both offices and homes.

6. Minimalist Musings

Featuring simple furnishings and clean lines, minimalistic design theme looks absolutely effortless and is easy to maintain. Being minimal does not mean devoid of style or bland, as it is actually the opposite. Executed by carrying on the idea of ‘less is more’, this design involves a lot of creativity while ensuring complete avoidance of flamboyant elements.

7. Scandinavian Flavour

A style inspired by simplicity and elegance of Nordic lifestyle; Scandinavian is truly an artform in itself. To effortlessly combine a cutting-edge theme and functionality, this design uses natural materials, light tones, and minimalist shapes while strictly emphasizing on keeping a bright atmosphere to make the open spaces even more inviting. Lack of carpets and wall treatments, and no-fuss layouts ensure to highlight the beauty of minimalism.

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