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Bajo comercial convertido en loft (Terrassa), Egue y Seta Egue y Seta Eclectic style dressing room
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If you are anything like me, you'll love organising (and re-organising) your wardrobe each time Summer turns to Winter and vice versa. Colour coding your sweaters, pairing up your socks so they finally match, re-stocking on hangers that just seem to go missing no matter what you do. This bi-annual ritual is made all the more satisfying and practical than a decent wardrobe kit. 

Wardrobe kits simply make organising your clothes (and shoes, and knick-knacks, and so on) a huge amount easier. Compact compartments for smaller items, longer slots for dresses and suits, a set of drawers for sweaters and t-shirts, and there you have it: a complete, tidy unit for all your wardrobe needs. And once you're all organised, sit back, relax, and watch as over the next few months your clothes actually stay tidy, because you chose the best wardrobe kit available. 

Cosy for the kids

Bedroom furniture respray Hampstead, ProSpray London Ltd ProSpray London Ltd BedroomWardrobes & closets
ProSpray London Ltd

Bedroom furniture respray Hampstead

ProSpray London Ltd

Kids' rooms are notoriously difficult to organise and keep tidy. They seem to accumulate so much 'stuff': clothes, toys, general clutter. A good storage system and wardrobe kit could be the answer to all your mess problems, though. Here we have a very cleverly designed storage unit, fitted snuggly around the bunk bed. The amount of deep drawer space is perfect, and the light blue of their fronts is quite charming. Simple colours and a simple (yet effective) design like this is exactly what you need in a child's bedroom. 


Walk-in-wardrobe, Lamco Design LTD Lamco Design LTD BedroomWardrobes & closets
Lamco Design LTD


Lamco Design LTD

A walk in wardrobe is the pinnacle of home design. What more could you ask for in life than a home of your own, complete with an entire room dedicated to storing your clothes and shoes? This walk in wardrobe in particular is something really spectacular; perfect for both him and her, with its black shades and sparkling light fixture. And the storage space—oh my goodness look at all that well-organised, ample spaced storage. There's almost enough wardrobe space to hang every item of clothes you have, and save them from dreaded wrinkles and creases. 

Calm creams

Picture drifting off to sleep in this bedroom, safe in the knowledge that surrounding you is well folded, neat piles of t-shirts and jumpers, dresses hanging down with no chance of crushing, maybe even with your underwear folded neatly in a drawer. There's just so much glorious storage space, with plenty of low drawers and deeper drawers, wardrobe space and shelf space. And it's so stylishly executed too, with the tasteful creams and warm wood handles; a well organised, charmingly designed classic, country bedroom.

Stylish storage

Walk-in-wardrobe, Lamco Design LTD Lamco Design LTD Dressing roomWardrobes & drawers
Lamco Design LTD


Lamco Design LTD

Storage space for a stylish home, accommodating the shoes and clothes of a home owner with elegant taste. The dark wood is a glorious design feature, giving this construction a really contemporary feel. It works so beautifully standing to the side of such a large window; as the sun streams inwards, through the glass panels, it shines across the wood, giving it a lovely reflective hue. Dark, glossy and practical, this storage space one focused on contemporary design which will inspire you to keep your wardrobe neat and tidy. 

Open shelves

The airy openness of this wardrobe design is really something to be admired. Another lovely walk in wardrobe, but this once excels in its design choice of open shelving. It gives such an atmosphere of extended space; of open planned design and never ending space. The extra boxes placed on the shelves are an excellent addition to the design too; giving you that option of throwing your things into piles and no one being able to see… It's something we're all guilty of, so accept it and find the best way to hide the evidence! 

Play with the space

Chocolate wave sliding wardrobe doors, Sliding Wardrobes World Ltd Sliding Wardrobes World Ltd BedroomWardrobes & closets
Sliding Wardrobes World Ltd

Chocolate wave sliding wardrobe doors

Sliding Wardrobes World Ltd

Not everyone has the space for a walk in wardrobe in their home; in fact most of us don't. But that's why it's so important to come up with creative ways to house your clothes and shoes. Here, the storage space is used quite uniquely, with the wardrobe, drawers and overheard drawers spaced across two walls. And the use of colour and toned wood in this room is also incredibly creative, with much of the drawer fronts painted white. But the designer has brought in the a darker, more natural wood colour to splash throughout the white; giving this room an extra dimension of design. 

Paint it blue

Linen walk-in-wardrobe Lamco Design LTD Dressing roomWardrobes & drawers
Lamco Design LTD

Linen walk-in-wardrobe

Lamco Design LTD

That elegant sea blue colour is definitely the most striking thing about this wardrobe space. It's an absolutely charming shade, one chosen with care and consideration. When working with a smaller space choosing a suitable colour is really essential; keep it light, fresh and perhaps a little unusual (like this blue), and you'll find your wardrobe has come alive. Another fabulous thing about this wardrobe is the double layer of hanging space; with dresses and jackets hung on the upper level, and shirts on the lower. 

Utilise the space

Loft fitted wardrobes with glass and mirror doors, Sliding Wardrobes World Ltd Sliding Wardrobes World Ltd Modern style bedroom
Sliding Wardrobes World Ltd

Loft fitted wardrobes with glass and mirror doors

Sliding Wardrobes World Ltd

Here we have an attic room conversion that has used the sloped roof to its advantage. The storage unit has been fitted exactly to the roof's slant, following it downwards till it reaches the short space of vertical wall. The shelves come in different heights, keeping open the option to stack your possessions or keep them in single storage units. There's also multiple drawers to hide your mismatched socks and nicknacks in; plenty of space for a little bit of mess and a lot of tidiness.

Funky fresh

Why hide your personality in the wardrobe? Keep it present and let it flow into even the smallest parts of your home design. The designers of this walk in wardrobe have certainly done this; bringing flair and personality to the racks. The mirror at the end of the room is certainly a unique feature, with its Hollywood style bulbs framing the reflections. And this is the dream wardrobe for the shoe-a-holic; just look to the left hand side of the picture and check out all that shoe rack space. Truly the pinnacle of shoe storage.


This is a dressing room taken from a charming refurbishment project by Amory Brown. Lying adjacent to a delicate en suit, this open wardrobe space is both practical and beautifully designed. The exposed wooden beams supporting the rails is a definite favourite about this design; they give a lovely impressive of a contemporary country atmosphere. A stunning combination of elegant design and ample storage space, this wardrobe is the answer to your organising dreams.

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