A Modern Family Home with A Magical View!

Rhea Purnita Paine Rhea Purnita Paine
Rum Point, Tye Architects Tye Architects Modern style bedroom
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If you could have a home with space, comfort and a stunning view, wouldn't that be perfect? This home designed by NICOLAS TYE ARCHITECTS from Bedfordshire, United Kingdom, is exactly that. The modern style of architecture is complimented by the minimal modern interiors in this home. While the white and blue scheme of this home is in keeping with its location at Rum Point in the Caribbean. A tour of this home shows how functionality, minimal decor style and the use of plenty of empty space can make a hoem look picture perfect.

The grand entrance

The entrance of this home makes quite an impact, as it has a strong angular design from outside. While it has scenic views on other sides, the entrance of this home is private. The glass windows and balustrades on almost all sides give this home an open airy feel. But the privacy of its residents is maintained by an intimate little road leading up to the home. A small patch of grass, and an L-shaped pool in front ensures that the home is equipped with every comfort.

Open kitchen

In keeping with the minimal style and spacious decor style of this home, there is an open kitchen which is part of an open-plan design throughout.. The enormous sense of space is the first thing that strikes one here. The marble counter top is complimented by a stone backsplash in the kitchen,. While a restrained use of colour and an abundance of white, is balanced out by a few wooden cabinets and a decorative mirror on one wall.

Dining & Living area

The dining area is pretty basic, with a strurdy wooden bench like table and six white chairs. The glass shutters line an entire wall and lead into a patio next to the pool. The living room too adapts to the less is more style. It consists of a beige L-shaped couch and a light a stone feature wall. Yet the space has a warm earthy vibe because of the wooden console and colourful cushions. A bright aqua coloured armchair in a corner brings in a touch of the scenic Caribbean beauty outside.


The stairway on one side of the living room both leads up to the rooms above and is also an entryway into the home. This space has been kept bare except for a solitary red chair in one corner. The use of a glass banister helps this space stay in tune with the open plan of the home, and the neutral light coloured wooden stairs bring in a whiff of nature.


The bedrooms above are vastly different. This room has a more homely feel in spite of its minimal Scandinavian style of decor. The miniature wooden chair and triangular wooden coffee table are classic touches of a Scandinavian style of decor. While, the navy bed and lamp stick to the Caribbean blue palette, along with the bright aqua coloured armchair and cushions.


The other bedroom is on the other end of modern minimalism in decor. While this room too has an earthy wooden flooring which contrasts well with the cream walls, it's the glass wall on one side with a view of the sea below that makes this room stunning. To amplify the open airy feel of the room, another glass window has been added in one corner, and the there's very little furniture in muted shades of cream and beige.

Sun deck / balcony

On the floor above is a  partly covered wooden sun deck, with a gorgeous view of the sea below. This perfect place to lounge, has been given given a further open feel by the glass balustrade around it.

Rooftop terrace and garden

On the roof of this home lies a terrace with a wooden patio and a small garden. A covered dining area and an open seating area, makes this space multifunctional. Be it a family brunch, or quiet date, or simply watching the sea while walking on soft green grass, this rooftop is equipped for all occasions.

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