14 houses with awe-inspiring city views

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When a person chooses a new home or apartment, they often have a list of key components they’d like to see in their new abode. For some, it’s something practical like enough space to raise a family or finding the best value for their dollar. For others, it’s about the location. The location might be something general, like the desire to live in the countryside rather than in the suburbs or city. 

Alternatively, the reason you’re in the market for a new home might be because you’re finally able to purchase a suitable dwelling in the city you’ve always dreamt of living in. Whether you’re still at the dreaming stage or looking for some concrete inspiration to follow as you begin your search, we’ve compiled a list of 14 homes with the MOST stunning city views…

1. Mexican oasis

The first home on our list is located in Hermosillo, Mexico. Its enormous windows and raised outdoor terrace offer splendid views of the surrounding town, largely comprised of whitewashed buildings. We can also see the purple, mountainous horizon that lies beyond. Together, the pink, purple, white and green landscape contributes a lot to the interior colour palette.

2. Peak modernity in Hong Kong

This high-rise apartment in Hong Kong, by Millimeter Interior Design Limited, contrasts the grey-blue urban landscape with bright and bold accenting on the interior. In this bedroom, the lime green headboard is loud and proud, but the large picture window certainly isn’t playing second fiddle. The dreamy skyline offers plenty of dynamism and intrigue to a minimalist space.

3. Hong Kong Harbour

Being that Hong Kong is such a sprawling metropolis with thousands of skyscrapers, it makes sense that a few different designers on our list decided to make full use of this urban landscape in their creations. This bedroom overlooks the Aberdeen Channel. The ever-changing configuration of boats in the deep blue water below make this bird’s eye view quite entertaining.

4. Studying amidst the skyscrapers

This beautifully furnished apartment comes complete with a wide window ledge that can double as a desk. While one might be wondering why a person would choose such a makeshift setup over a proper study table, we invite you to have a look at this breathtaking view! Because it is set a bit further back from the thick of the action, this apartment desk has been blessed with an expansive field of vision.

5. Visions that are good for the Seoul

To get a sense of the views to be had at our next home, we had to zoom out a bit. We bet you’ve already identified the dwelling in question. It’s the complex of gabled roofs that looks something like a miniature Amsterdam. Well, as a striking a fixture this home might be in other people’s lines of sight, those staying in the dwelling itself are blessed with views of Seoul’s downtown cityscape.

6. Glittering gold

Our next home takes us back to Mexico, except this time we have to wait till nightfall to see what makes it really spectacular, preferably while sitting poolside. Just beyond this gorgeous aqua infinity pool, the balcony on this home yields to a marvellous view of the shimmering lights of the city below. You could get lost in their sparkle.

7. Ah Paris!

Some might scoff at anyone who’s willing to pay Parisian rent prices, but they’ve obviously never sat on a terrace and taken in the sights, sounds, and smells of fresh baked goods to be had in this glorious city. There really may not be a more romantic place on earth. If you can’t afford to actually live here, at least we’ll always have (pictures) of Paris.

8. Berlin dreams

Nothing accompanies the slick vibe of Europe’s coolest city like a rooftop view of the TV tower! That’s just what the designer ordered with this amazing apartment that’s complete with its own terrace on the roof. Settling in beneath the summer evening haze with the silhouettes of the city’s most iconic buildings in your midst might even trump a night of Berlin-style clubbing.

9. Terrace views in Turkey

This covered balcony is clad in vintage décor with a vibrant blue floor made of Turkish tiles. While there’s a lot to say about the interior, the surrounding views are what really give this part of the apartment staying power. This apartment is prime real estate when it comes to watching the sun set over this vibrant city that is filled with unparalleled history and culture.

10. Kicking back in Barcelona

Another thriving party city is Barcelona. In the midst of all the festivities, it’s important to take a moment to kick back and unwind. This beautiful space is perfect for just that. With a perfect view of Torre Agbar, those residing here can relax over some wine and enjoy the company of friends as the sun sets in the evening.

11. London living

London is probably one of the most expensive cities to live in worldwide. Most of us will never get a chance to dine on the rooftop of a residence only a stone’s throw away from 30 St. Mary Axe, but we can always dream, and this balcony sure had us drooling.

12. We couldn't stay away from Paris for long

Many Parisian apartments are outfitted with small balconies like this one, except typically they are not nearly as lush. Combine a tropical garden with the City of Light for a backdrop? It’s sure working for this apartment! That table is looking a little bare, however. It could use a cheese platter and a fresh baguette.

13. Sunny cityscapes

This little perch above the city is quite enticing thanks to the Mediterranean style décor. The terracotta floor tiles, small table and chair, white plaster walls, and awning made of natural fibres are largely responsible for creating this ambience. The Spanish tiled roofs below certainly do look romantic bathed in sunlight.

14. Another side of London

London is filled with historic brick buildings and brownstones. Their expanse is reminiscent of the once industrialising city, a phase that was pivotal in making London what it is today. One of the beauties of London now is its ability to embrace its industrial character in modern and sophisticated ways. Here for example, these beautiful metallic chairs, Asian style garden, and other minimalist decorations contrast nicely with such stellar views.

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