9 Amazing ways to enjoy a restaurant ambience at home!

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Eating out at a fine dining restaurant is a multi-sensory experience. It's not just the food we taste, but also how it looks and feels. The ambiance is crucial to the whole experience. Ask any restaurateur and he/she would tell you how important the environ is inside and outside a restaurant. It's what makes the customers come back again and again. It's what they pay for! When you do not wish to step outside the house, it is possible to create the same restaurant like atmosphere at home too. Have a look at these simple ideas that enable you to enjoy a restaurant-like ambience at home.

1. Its all about lighting

Lighting can set the mood of your dining experience to such a great extent. Installing lights that can increase or decrease in intensity can give you more options to set up the dining ambiance. Gorgeous pendant lights like this one create a feeling of ccoziness and style.

2. Use fine cutlery

Bring out that fine cutlery you bought on a whim and later realised, they are not apt for daily use! Now is the time to enjoy them so eat in style.

3. Set the table

God is in the details, they say. Set the table with the crockery, cutlery, glass ware and napkins arranged beautifully; just like it's done at restaurants. You will realise that your dining area is immediately more inviting and tempting!

4. Add flowers

Flower power must never be underestimated. When beauty is the theme, adding fresh flowers on the table can do wonders to the whole dining ritual. Scented ones also lend aroma and therefore add to the sensory expereince.

5. Bring in the wine

When fine dining is the theme, wine cannot be left out, can it? If you have guests over and you are treating them to a restaurant-like experience, bring out the best bottle you have and savour it in the fine company in the comfort of your home.

6. Art

You would rarely encounter empty walls in a restaurant. Make the walls of your dining room/area stand out with art of your choice; from abstracts to art installations or family pictures even! 

Looking for interesting wall inspirations? Then here is an ideabook worth checking out.

7. Music

Adding music can help enhance the mood of the restaurant setup at home. Play  soft romantic, instrumental, jazz, classical or whatever your liking is on the music system arranged in the vicinity of your dining space.

8. Air Conditioning

In a country like India where summers are long and punishing even, how can one enjoy a meal when it's sweltering hot. For those months, make your dining comfortable with an effective air conditioning system. Now which good restaurant doesn't have an AC !

9. Live cooking counter outdoors

Eat in style with a live cooking counter outdoors. Head for an evening of fun and freshest food. If you are up for it, cook by yourself for friends and family else, hire a chef and enjoy the same appetizing food that you would have at a restaurant.

The key to restaurant-like feel at home is the feeling of relaxation, therefore, do not stress and take your time to prepare the dining area. Pay attention to details, sit back, calm down and relish your meals just like in a restaurant whenever you wish to.

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