17 Handicraft Decor Ideas Your Home Needs Right Now

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The decor of your home can become a costly affair if you factor in all the requirements including the likes of the cost of furniture, paint, renovations, and so on. While some of these costs are unavoidable, you can always opt for budget-friendly ideas that won't burn a hole in your pocket, while elevating the look of your house significantly.

As consumers, homeowners are spoilt for choice as the number of options available is umpteen. Handicraft products are more than just objects you can use to spruce up the decor of your home. One must make well-informed choices that are environmentally sound to help uplift budding artists and talented individuals. Handicraft decor is a sustainable option that does not harm the environment in any way which is why more people are opting for it.

The ideas we are going to come across are simple to acquire and easy to feature in pretty much any room of your house. While some can be made by you, others can be bought at a minimal price from local artists. Take a look at these handicraft decor ideas handcrafted by the interior designers and decorators, here at homify that you can use in all rooms of your home.

1. Consider a patterned motif board to adorn your wall unit

Brigade Meadows, 3 BHK—Dr. Usha & Dr. Mohan, DECOR DREAMS DECOR DREAMS Modern living room

Brigade Meadows, 3 BHK—Dr. Usha & Dr. Mohan


2. Handcrafted wooden elephants that rest on a wooden pedestal is a great way to spruce up an otherwise plain wardrobe

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Bhavana Interiors Decorators

Sathyanarayanan Home Interior Design-5, Bangalore

Bhavana Interiors Decorators

3. Intricate wooden patterns to form the shelves of a library

4. Adorn the corridor with a wall cladding of a spiritual or divine presence

Terrace Enclosed Garden homify Modern balcony, veranda & terrace Bricks terrace garden,brick wall,balcony garden,small space garden,container garden,buddha,wall mural,designer garden

Terrace Enclosed Garden


5. A custom-made golden peephole to elevate the look of your front door

6. A leaf-patterned wall cladding in gold contrasts an all-white wall beautifully in the hall

RESIDENTIAL PROJECT 5, Art Home Production Art Home Production Modern style doors Furniture,Property,Cabinetry,Wood,Interior design,Drawer,Clock,House,Fixture,Floor
Art Home Production


Art Home Production

7. A photo frame of a spiritual or divine figure for the entrance to the prayer room

8. Brass figurines for the cabinet, or wall unit to bring out the best in your home

9. A room divider with intricate floral patterns that is laminated with a glossy finish to match up to the wooden decor of the room

Living Area AffoDec Rustic style corridor, hallway & stairs Brown livingroom,luxuryapartment,Ceiling,elegance,dream_interiors,InteriorDesignersInBangalore,luxuryhomes,Apartment,InteriorDesigners

Living Area


10. A wall painting that resides right beneath the ceiling in bright colors of yellow, blue and red

Residential Interior for Mrs. Banalari, Purple Architecture Purple Architecture Eclectic style corridor, hallway & stairs Plywood White Property,Couch,Furniture,Building,Wood,Interior design,Hall,Living room,Picture frame,Floor
Purple Architecture

Residential Interior for Mrs. Banalari

Purple Architecture

11. Copper plates with serrated ends against a steel grey backdrop to spruce up the entrance

12. Wall paintings that combine the patterns and colors used in the decor of the room such as brown and black as seen in this bedroom

13. Electric paintings for the wall in any room of the house to brighten up an all-white wall

14. Chunky bead-framed oval mirror right at the entrance or waiting room of the house

15. Buddha figurine with crystals, lights and a chandelier at the entrance of an all white living room

16. Personalized center table with a circular base and square top

Lively Living Room HomeLane.com Modern living room Living Area

Lively Living Room


17. Cushion covers jewelled with mirrors and fine artwork for the hanging swing in the living room

Living Room Dwell Design Modern living room swing, printed flooring, living room metal work.
Dwell Design

Living Room

Dwell Design

For more inspiration, take a look at these wonderful, nifty ideas to give your living room a complete makeover on a shoe-string budget.

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