12 Convincing Orange Decor Ideas

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The color orange is often associated with feelings of joy, warmth, sunshine, heat, enthusiasm, creativity, health, happiness, balance, expression, and freedom. It promotes an overall sense of wellness and emotional energy that can be shared with others such as warmth, and compassion. Studies have shown that the color orange can stimulate mental activity, boost aspiration and increase overall contentment which is why more homeowners are looking to feature orange in their homes. Take a look at these ideas from the interior designers and decorators at homify for more inspiration!

1. Orange cushion covers

This all-brown balcony receives a wonderful soft touch from the addition of orange cushion covers that brighten up the area. The multiple textures emanating from the pebbles, the wooden board, and the handicraft-wooden wall cladding are balanced perfectly by the orange cushion covers.

2. Multicolored rug

This multicolored rug comes with bright spots of orange that continue on the wall painting seen in this colorful children's bedroom.

3. Orange wall painting

This abstract wall painting infuses an orange backdrop amidst the serene depictions. The painting is placed on a cream and brown wall that makes the orange from the painting stand out significantly.

4. Orange sofa set

This vibrant living room is brimming with colors, the standout being the orange sofa set that rests on a blue and white rug. The choice of complementary olive and peach sofas and chairs accentuates the liveliness of the room.

5. Orange chair in the study

Breathe life into your otherwise plain study with the simple addition of this orange chair. The wooden legs upholding the orange seat add a nice contrast that is balanced perfectly well by the orange seating area by the window.

6. An orange glow

Decor doesn't exclude lighting which is why this next dining room is on this list! The simple pendant bulbs suspended from the ceiling emit an orange glow that brings a dim, cozy feel to the room.

7. Orange ottoman

This orange ottoman chair creates a subtle contrast to the grey sofa that runs beside it. A small mustard pillow accompanies the chair which makes for a comfortable seat at the end of a long tiring day.

8. A fireplace

While not all Indian homes resort to the use of a fireplace, the ones that do, are sure to tell you that it serves more than just a means of keeping warm. Wall paintings or claddings of a fireplace work just as well.

9. Orange chair in the kitchen

This all-red kitchen deviates slightly from the red palette with the addition of a high-rise orange stool. The simple addition brings about a world of change!

10. Orange backsplash

Adorn the backsplash of your kitchen with a glossy orange tile stretch that contrasts the marble-brown kitchen cabinets.

11. Light orange cushions

This seemingly wonderful all-grey luxurious living room gets a soft touch of orange cushions that bring the entire room together. The painting against the wall also features orange paint that brings about an orange and grey theme overall.

12. Orange barstools

Make your kitchen more inviting with the addition of these orange barstools that are sophisticated and elegant at the same time. When set up against a black backdrop, the wonderful contrast is evident.

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