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13 Earthy Tones Uses in Cozy and Luxurious Interiors

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Earthy tones are lesser explored in the house or perhaps restricted to just single rooms such as the bedroom or dining room. Every room can be adorned with various earthy tones that can bring out the best in your house. Lighter tones bring about peace and tranquility creating a warm, welcoming vibe. This post explores earthy tones that you can feature in your home—if you're having trouble deciding, you can always choose to get in touch with an interior designer or decorator.

1. Ivory-toned kitchen

An ivory-toned kitchen exudes a soft and subtle vibe that brings about a sense of calmness. Ivory kitchen cabinets with silver handles and a white kitchen top create the perfect contrast that is impossible to miss out on.

2. Grey-toned sitting room

Grey is a neutral color that is ideal for the sitting room as it creates an inviting space that is bound to captivate visitors. You can opt for a grey center rug with a greyish-brown-toned upholstered sofa and a white faux ceiling for the right blend of colors.

3. All brown bedroom

Darker hues in the bedroom help to promote sound sleep which is why opting for dark brown drapes is never a bad idea. To keep up with the theme, you can opt for light brown-toned wallpaper, a faux ceiling with dim faux lighting, and brown bedroom upholstery.

4. Bronze centerpiece in the entry

To make your entryway seem more attractive, you can opt for a bronze centerpiece that rests on a wooden pedestal. Creme or light brown walls with wall claddings help to accentuate the overall vibe of the area.

5. Beige wardrobe

Beige is a soft color that works really well with furniture, in particular wardrobes and cupboards. This wardrobe that runs along the length of the room comes in a light oak color with hazelnut brown panels around the handles.

6. Walnut brown study

The study requires warm soothing colors to allow for a focused flow. A single-hued study is especially helpful to get those creative juices flowing—you can opt for a walnut brown cabinet with open shelves and a study table.

7. Maple brown library

This creative library makes use of shelves that represent tree branches upon which books reside. The choice of all-white paint for the ceiling and walls makes the contrast more evident. A maple brown table with white chairs finishes off the room perfectly.

8. Assorted browns in the media room

Begin with wooden floors in the media room that you can finish off with a thick brown rug or carpet. You can place a wooden coffee table that runs parallel to the rug to create uniformity. Coffee brown sofas and bean bags alongside ivory painted walls contribute to the overall theme significantly.

9. Cream walls for the stairway

A single barrel stairway with wooden steps equally spaced creates a unique look. The staircase is lighted by lining the wall it rests against with smaller lights. The contrast of brown against a cream wall creates a warm allure.

10. Rosy brown tiles for the bathroom

Rosy brown tiles create a soft, warm allure that is perfect for the shower. Glass shower doors with silver panels bring out a contrast that is impossible to miss out on.

11. Earthy tones for the indoor pool

If you have an indoor pool in your house, then be sure to adorn it with earthy tones. You can opt for a brown tiled base and line the pool with white walls. White glass panels with a textured white wall with lights finish the look off perfectly.

12. Mustard toned terrace

The terrace is ideal for earthy darker tones as they do not get dirty too soon. Dark brown upholstery, in particular, performance fabric is ideal for outdoor furniture as it is stain-resistant and water-resistant.

13. Grey toned balcony

Opting for a stone-inspired balcony with different textured tiles and walls in alternating light and dark grey colors creates a rustic charm. Brown chairs with white potted plants and standalone pendant lights are ideal.

Take a look at these fantastic ideas to make your home more welcoming.

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