12 Spectacular Archway and Arched Door Ideas for Your Home

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There's something about an arched entry that exudes a sense of opulence and grace, depicted in places of historic significance. Fortunately, arched entries did not stay buried in the writings of the past and have made a transition to modern interior design. With simple tweaks, tricks, and tips from an interior architect or designer, it is possible to introduce archways and arch doors into your home. Let these ideas inspire you to introduce an arched element into your home right away absolutely hassle-free!

1. Eclectic arch door

If you're looking to add a pop of color to your house, then an eclectic arched door is just what you need. Consider incorporating one into a nook of your house with intricate geometric patterns. You can also choose to adorn a balcony door in this manner for a cozy setup.

2. Arched hallway

The transition between the many rooms of the house can sometimes be clumsy without a proper way to demarcate spaces especially when it comes to the living and dining rooms. You can choose to introduce an arched hallway with a wooden frame and panel with glass doors to separate the spaces.

3. Arched entrance

The entrance of your home is by far the best place to introduce an arch. You can do so by simply adding a brick arch wall atop your existing gate for a more welcoming and warm feel. This simple addition can bring character into your entrance.

4. Arched window

A large arched window is a great way to spruce up the interior decor of your home. You can either extend an existing window to make way for the arch or perhaps have a fresh one installed in place of a door.

5. Arched entryway

For homes that are smaller, where the room for the addition of large, loud pieces of furniture or decor is not possible, less is really more. A few simple tweaks such as the introduction of an arched entryway can give your home a much-needed makeover that no furniture can go about doing!

6. Arched windows in the sitting area

If you're looking to give your sitting room an opulent, grandiose finish, then consider a series of high ceiling arched entries in succession. You can choose to adorn them with drapes and lights for a better effect.

7. Arched wall

A great way to separate areas in the house is to use an arched wall. Unlike regular walls, they add a general sense of flow to the area which walls with sharp corners don't. They make the transition from one room to the other seamless, adding character in return.

8. Arched door in the kitchen

If you want to frame the outdoors from your kitchen, there's no better way of doing it than through an arched door. An ivory panel glass door or two in succession can help make your kitchen lighter and brighter!

10. High ceiling arched door

Rather than opting for an arched door that comes in the regular height of doors, you can make use of a high-ceiling one, or one that occupies the entire wall space from top to bottom. The introduction of panels helps to add to the aesthetic.

11. Arched porch door

The porch is the best place to relax and unwind at the end of a long day. If you could bring in a French cafe-like experience by reeling in architectural tips from the finest, you could enhance your experience. All you have to do is to introduce an arched door with a solid white panel and silver handles!

12. Layered arched entry

To make the allure of your entrance more prominent, you can make use of a layered arched entry with intricate stonework on all three sides. This helps to create a warm, welcoming entry for your friends and family.

Archways and arched doors are served best with large hallways—browse through these big hallway design ideas for your home.

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