12 Big Hallway Design Ideas for Your Home

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First impressions are the best ones, and the same applies to your home. The hallway is often the most neglected area of the house but when done right, it can set the right tone for the rest of your house. Hallways are the most important transitional spaces within a home which is why it is important to get it right. Take a look at these handpicked big hallway design ideas brought to you by the finest interior designers and decorators.

1. Introduce built in storage

A large hallway is the best place to introduce storage units such as a wall unit or perhaps a chain of cabinets. This helps to effectively utilize the space available to you while reducing the volume of vacant floor space.

2. Introduce a seating area

You can create a simple seating area in the hallway with the help of benches pushes up against the wall. If space permits, you can even fit a small size couch in the space giving rise to a warm, cozy reading nook to relax and unwind.

3. Introduce green spaces

A large hallway is the best place to introduce greenery, especially if you have a lot of space! Consider an all while hallway with greenery added in every nook for a contrasting, welcoming aesthetic. Indoor plants serve as natural air purifiers adding life into the area.

4. Introduce a console

You can create a warm and welcoming ambiance by incorporating a console in a large hallway. The console can then be used to host items on it such as showpieces, flower pots, or vases. Faux lights can adorn the area for an added touch of grace.

5. Introduce wall claddings

Wall claddings are a subtle way of decorating the interior of your home. You can adorn the wall with intricate motifs such as this seashell textured grey wall that tapers from the top to bottom in an aesthetic manner.

6. Introduce glass elements

The best way to welcome the outdoors indoors is with the help of glass doors and windows. You can opt for an all-white panel, wooden flooring, and a low white ceiling to really bring out the best in your hallway.

8. Introduce an art gallery

Passersby in the hallway are bound to notice any art or unique showpieces that you choose to decorate it with. You can either go for a large single framed picture or an assortment of quaint pictures to decorate the hallway with.

9. Introduce dual stairways

Dual stairways are a great way to divide a large hallway into two distinct parts. Not only does it add a wonderful aesthetic to the home, but it also increases the functionality of your space by quite a bit especially if it is a high-traffic area.

10. Introduce high-rise windows

You can introduce a high-rise window in your hallway to make it resemble an atrium. This can work wonders for the area especially if you have effectively utilized the floor space with couches, rugs, and furniture.

11. Introduce a focal point

You can introduce a focal point in the hallway with the help of a large showpiece as is seen in the image. Placing a bronze showpiece on a wooden pedestal can add a touch of opulence that is important to miss out on.

12. Introduce mirrors

Create the illusion of space with the help of mirrors—this helps to make the area seem wider and brighter as the mirrors reflect light. A set of mirrors of varying sizes can be arranged in a gear-like fashion for the best effect.

Incorporating windows into the hallway is a great idea—browse through these window design ideas to bring out the best in your hallway.

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