6 fantastic tropical theme decor ideas

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Want to  feel like you are on vacation everyday? Then decorate your home with a tropical theme. A tropical theme home exudes an airy and light feel that instantly relaxes you after a tired day. The moment one hears the word tropical, one's mind is instantly filled with images of pristine beaches, lush greenery, cool wind, wicker furniture, and so much more. Tropical theme homes ideally involve minimal furniture, large spaces that are designed with keeping in mind the lightness and serenity of holiday homes. One can use subtle colours like whites and creams or vibrant colours that bring a dynamic look to your home.

Here are some ideas that you can take inspiration from. 

Bursts of colour

This room features a seating arrangement at the far back as well as a dining area. The colourful cushions and art pieces add character and drama against the pristine white walls. The wood and wicker furniture in the dining area bring a light look. 


This lovely bedroom spells Tropical style. The walls are coloured in a light cream and kept bare. It features a four poster bed that is covered with lovely sheer white drapes that you can tie to the ends. The colourful cushions on the bed add colour to the room. The doors open up to a warm outdoor seating. 

Outdoor seating

One way to breathe in freshness and tropical touch to your home is to create a comfortable outdoor area. Like in this example, an outdoor seating space is designed by having a wooden flooring, beams, and roof. The bright blue chairs instantly liven up the space. This area also features lovely potted plants perched upon planks on the wall. It is easy to imagine yourself sitting on the chair, enjoying the wind in your hair as you read a book while sipping on a chilled pinna colada. 

Visit this ideabook for more ideas on outdoor seating. Also check out this page by environ planners for more ideas on outdoor treatments. 

A serene living room

This living room spells simple and effortless style. The refreshing blue of the wall breathes life into the living room. The grey L-shaped sofa sets off brilliantly against the bright wall as colourful cushions complete the look. It features a cane chair that gives it an effortless tropical style. The chevron printed rug gives it a modern and eclectic allure.  


This washroom exudes a rustic tropical charm. One wall is cladded with coloured bricks with plants perched atop a plank of wood. The sink is placed on a raw piece of wood with potted plants kept underneath it on the floor. This washroom spells understated tropical charm. 


This pretty and cozy outdoor kitchen oozes charm and sophistication. Without occupying too much space, this kitchen is designed aesthetically. The mosaic tiles and colourful chairs add vibrancy to this space. The platform on the side is covered with potted plants that instantly bring freshness. 

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