15 Tiny Kitchen Ideas to Fall in Love with

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A kitchen is an essential part of our home for entertainment, nourishment, and enjoyment. We spend time in our kitchen quite often, so it can be an annoyance when there isn't much space to work with. But don't let a lack of space stop you from making the most of your tiny kitchen. Having a tiny kitchen can actually be a blessing — you'll be closer to all the things you need whilst cooking and you'll cut down to just the essentials, meaning less clutter. In fact, the first thing we recommend you do for a tiny kitchen is to rid yourself of the excess kitchenware — there's simply no need!

But if you're looking for more ways to make a tiny space seem larger, don't fret. There are plenty of brilliant ways to maximise your kitchen space.

1. Light and bright kitchen

You can never go wrong when you use lighter colours in a kitchen — it's an easy way to make a tiny kitchen look bigger and brighter. And adding natural touches such as plants or accents of green will help to create a relaxing experience as you cook.

2. Stainless steel contemporary kitchen

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Small kitchen


Stick to stainless steel for a long-lasting kitchen — it's strong, easy to clean, and will last ages. Paired with a mostly white kitchen, stainless steel looks almost futuristically modern. If you like the look, keep it bare. To offset the modernity, add personal touches like colourful oven mitts or a sleek spice rack.

3. Vibrant patterned kitchen

Yes, you can add colour to a tiny kitchen! Try bringing in some colour by adding pops of an accent colour on the walls or finding vibrant pieces, like this yellow lamp, to add in.

4. Dark contemporary kitchen

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Simply Italian

Housing Development, Clapham

Simply Italian

The rules are what you make them! If you want to incorporate darker colours in your kitchen, you can still maximise space. Adding extra appliances and kitchenware when needed, such as a double oven, can help to balance out the small space.

5. Moody grey kitchen

Moody greys and natural wood countertops work great in this tiny kitchen. Hanging kitchenware on the walls is a great way to utilise space, but also make sure to add cabinets where needed. Having enough cabinet space is crucial to avoid clutter.

6. Relaxed and beachy kitchen

If you'd like to have a relaxing atmosphere in your kitchen, try giving it a beachy vibe. Cool blues and natural wood pair well together. Adding fun lights can help to boost the mood as well.

7. Terracotta and tiled kitchen

A tiled backsplash can look fabulous and provide interesting detail to a kitchen. If you like a more ornate look, this would be a great option. Again, adding storage to your walls will avoid a messy kitchen — it's usually a much better option than adding storage beneath.

8. Compact and airy kitchen

This compact, airy kitchen has plenty of light thanks to the terrace doors. Everything — the sink, oven, stove, and cabinets — is all within reach, which makes this tiny kitchen all the more appealing.

9. Functional and sophisticated kitchen

A tiny kitchen can be sophisticated too — using black and white tiled flooring, natural wood countertops, and stainless steel appliances make for a chic look.

10. Grey and black city kitchen

This tiny kitchen is the perfect setup for living in the city — all of your glasses are within reach for guests milling into the kitchen, the countertop is simple and functional, and the open layout helps to keep the kitchen from feeling closed in.

11. Mediterranean blue kitchen

Love Mediterranean style? This kitchen packs a punch with its cerulean blue cabinets, tiled backsplash, and hanging shelving. Bright blue can look great, even in a tiny kitchen!

12. Sleek silver kitchen

One word comes to mind when we look at this kitchen: sleek. Featuring a bar-like countertop and silver accents, this tiny kitchen would be the perfect place to entertain friends for a dinner party. Professionals can help you to install storage on the walls and within your island, which could be a clever way to take advantage of space.

13. Yellow and black kitchen

Adding just a touch of colour (a yellow rug here) can be a great way to give a tiny kitchen some life. With the black backsplash and lovely shelving, this little kitchen is perfect for a small apartment.

14. Natural wood and baby blue kitchen

Cottage Kitchen By Luxmoore & Co Luxmoore & Co Country style kitchen
Luxmoore & Co

Cottage Kitchen By Luxmoore & Co

Luxmoore & Co

We've seen a few examples of how good blue can look in a kitchen, but nothing quite as unexpected as baby blue and natural wood. This tiny kitchen would fit a countryside home wonderfully. An abundance of windows helps add light.

15. Simple and stylish kitchen

There's nothing wrong with sticking with a tried and true simple kitchen. Black accents and a tiled backsplash make this tiny kitchen look stylish, but we also love the simplicity of the cabinets and fridge.

Interested in more colour scheme ideas for your kitchen? Check out this ideabook.

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