11 chores you can't afford to ignore!

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There's nothing wrong with taking a little pride in your house. In fact, it's a great thing and while it can be tempting to be a bit lazy and leave certain chores until you absolutely have to do them, there are a handful that will only take a few minutes and should be done regularly. 

Calling household tasks chores actually makes them seem a lot more time consuming and boring than they really are. To help you keep your home in tip top condition we've pulled together a list of things that you absolutely should stay on top of. Don't roll your eyes! Roll your sleeves up and get to grips with a little home maintenance. Who knows, you might discover just how house proud you really are!

1. Stop being a slob and sling your clothes in a basket

7 BATHROOMS FOR 7 STORIES Lineabeta Eclectic style bathroom



We really hope we don't have to tell you to pick up your dirty clothes from the floor but, just in case, consider this your reminder! Get a laundry basket in your bedroom and another in the bathroom and you'll soon get into the habit!

2. Make your bed for some happier sleep

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Nobody likes making their bed but there is nothing quite as lovely as getting into a freshly made bed at the end of a hard day. It doesn't quite have the same feel when you have to shake out the duvet as you are getting in!

3. You can't eat off paper plates forever

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It's tempting to use disposable crockery and cutlery so you don't have to wash them up at the end of a meal but you're a grown up now. Taking the time to either wash up or load the dishwasher is vital. Plus, it'll stop your kitchen smelling funky!

4. Give those counters a little flourish

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Wiping down your worktop a couple of times a day will take mere seconds but will make a big impact on the cleanliness and fresh smell of your home. Grab some antibacterial wipes and it will be as easy as pulling one out, running it over the counter. Et voila, you're done!

5. Run the vacuum around once in a while

If you have taken the time to create a stunning home, such as this one featured by Wools of New Zealand, please take the time to hoover regularly. Even if you think you don't bring in a lot of dirt, carpets collect everything, from pet hair through to dead skin cells that you shed every day. Have we got your attention now? Good, go vacuum!

6. Keep your shower screen streak free

Nothing makes your shower look worse than streaky glass screens so grab the vinegar and get wiping. You can even buy special shower spray, which you simply squirt around after you have finished showering and it does all the work for you. This one isn't even a chore!

7. Don't forget about your little ones

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Until your children are old enough to earn their keep a little you will have to be in charge of keeping their space clean and tidy. Make sure to pick up their toys at the end of the day and put their books back on the shelf. Hopefully they'll pick up these good habits when they're older!

8. Don't spoil your viewing pleasure with smears

Imagine the annoyance of watching your favourite television programme, only to be distracted by big greasy smears on the screen. Avoid this by simply wiping the surface once a week but be sure not to use any liquid!

9. Work smarter not harder

A clean and tidy desk will help you to feel a lot more motivated so take a few minutes at the end of your work day to tidy up. Put important memos on a notice board and clear any dirty mugs and cups away. An organised home office is a great way to keep focused!

10. Don't let that hallway fester

Hallways are hard to keep clear at the best of times but make it easy for yourself by mounting coat hooks and making sure that everybody uses them. No more ditching coats wherever you feel like it!

11. Spring clean your garage

It's the big chore that we all try to avoid for as long as possible; the garage clear out. You'll have collected endless amounts of rubbish that you need to throw away but it will all just get thrown in the garage and forgotten about. Grasp the first sunny day that comes along and clean it out. It's only once a year so don't panic!

For more home organisation inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: This Is How To Organise Your Home.

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