12 Small Bathroom Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Seem Bigger

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A small bathroom can leave homeowners pressed for space causing them to compromise on the functionality of their bathrooms. While the adage 'less is more' couldn't be more appropriate in this setting, there are numerous options at your disposition to make your bathroom efficient in terms of space and utility. The tips mentioned in this ideabook aim to bring forth certain design aspects and general hacks you can use to make your bathroom seem bigger than it is.

1. Introduce an art gallery

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No room is too small for artwork—this is especially true of the bathroom. Sometimes small spaces are the perfect places to display art and any murals you might have lying around in the house. A well-framed picture mounted vertically on a wall adds character to the room.

2. Opt for glass shower doors

It wouldn't be such a bad idea to skip the foggy glass and dark curtains, opting for glass doors for the shower instead. Graphic square tiles with contrasting shades on them can add to the aesthetics of the room.

3. Customize a shower bench

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S Design

Don't let the size of a small shower get in the way of your comfort. A simple shower bench in the corner makes the area look luxe without taking up too much space. Lighter-hued beige tiles can give the area an opulent touch.

4. Embedded shelves

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Light filtering into the Master Bathroom

studio XS

You can embed shelves within the wall to keep your bathroom essentials for added storage. Having these shelves in the shower or around the bathtub keeps everything you need while in the shower within reach. Subtle changes such as adding potted plants to the area give it a fresh, new spin.

5. Make use of ledges

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Ledges are a great way to save space in the bathroom, especially in ones that are pressed for space. You can install ledges along the wall to serve as a countertop upon which the washbasin or other essentials can rest. The best part about ledges is that they do not consume floor space, allowing you to judiciously make use of the space beneath.

6. Install good lighting

Lighting is the key to creating a warm space in the bathroom. Make use of fun, bold, oversized pendant lights in conjunction with colorful tiles. The lights help to cast a unique shadow on the room which can be toned down or up depending on the lampshade used.

7. Make use of dark colors

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You can make a small powder room or bathroom feel snug and intimate by making use of dark tiles, mood lighting, and dark cabinets. A stone sink with a marble countertop and a mirror that runs across the length of the room adds to the charm of the area.

8. Curve corners

A Victorian Retreat.., Premdas Krishna Premdas Krishna Asian style bathroom
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A Victorian Retreat..

Premdas Krishna

Curved corners leave you with ample floor space to move around and carry your daily activities. The use of a curved bathtub to fill a corner is absolutely genius as it aesthetically adds to the design of the bathroom while adding functionality.

9. Monochrome materials

RESIDENTIAL INTERIOR, MYSORE. (www.depanache.in), De Panache - Interior Architects De Panache - Interior Architects Modern bathroom Stone
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De Panache - Interior Architects

A minimalist design is your best bet in a small bathroom. You can stick to monochrome colors such as white, black, and grey to elevate the look of the bathroom. Textured tiles, a large oval mirror, a faux ceiling, and an extended sink with storage make for the perfect combination.

11. Mosaic tiles

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Renovation @Purva sunshine


To shift focus away from the size of the bathroom, you can opt for mosaic wall tiles in bright motifs. This makes the bathroom look more attractive—you can choose to contrast this array of patterns and colors with single-hued floor tiles.

11. Textured tiles

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Mr Vodur Reddy's Villa

Archstone Ventures

Textured tiles are great to experiment with as they add a unique touch to the bathroom as they help to make the area seem bigger than it is. You can opt for floral patterned textured tiles to bring out the best in your bathroom.

12. Use a large mirror

A mirror that extends across the entirety of the bathroom makes it seem bigger than it is, creating the illusion of space. Choose a color scheme that is contrasting such as ivory and russet with an asymmetric ceiling design for the best effect.

For more ideas, browse through these stunning powder room designs.

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