12 Double Kids Room Ideas and Designs for You to Try!

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While decorating a shared room for your kids make sure to integrate creative ideas and thoughts as much as possible to create a fun look. Give the room character with particular themes as per your kids’ choice so that they enjoy staying in and create colorful memories of their childhood. Along with bright and artistic interior designs, don’t forget to make the room functional for their studies and other curricular activities as well.

1. Starry Bedroom

A bedroom with starry lights can be soothing and fascinating for your kids at the same time. Place star-shaped lamps on their bedside study table along with star-shaped pillows on both beds to add more fun to the decoration.

2. Bicolor Designs

If you don’t have a large room to accommodate your children and their belongings, you can renovate a storeroom with bright colors to make it seem like a bedroom. You could paint their wardrobe in different hued linear patterns and place two colored pipe beds side by side with vibrant bedspreads right beside the window.

3. Theme Decoration

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Agarwal Residence

Spaces and Design

A themed bedroom is bound to get your kids excited about the slightest things—whether it’s bedtime or study time. Consider getting a double-size bed with bright bedspreads and different shaped pillows. You could leave a wide space for their study table, placing shelves, and cabinets to provide room for their books and toys.

4. Stories on the Wall

Contemplate the idea of designing your children’s room like a fairy tale. You can paint different parts of the room with ideas, narrating stories. Beds with rounded headboards and a gleaming chandelier hanging from the ceiling in the center of the room add a mystic charm to the room.

5. Simple and Clean

Try to keep your kids’ room nice and clean. You can place two wooden beds at a certain distance within which a moderate length of study table might fit. Polish things off with two wall lamps above each bed.

6. Cute and creative

3BHK Interiors , Fabmodula Fabmodula Classic style nursery/kids room

3BHK Interiors

You can add a cute, soft touch to the walls of your children’s room in the form of paintings and fun wall prints. A double-decker bed that resembles a dollhouse with dangling lights and stuffed toys makes the room all the more homely and warm.

7. Illuminated headboard

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2 BHK Project—Unicity World


A fancy yet vibrant interior design can be your kids' absolute favorite. Bright, vibrant interiors are bound to captivate your children, especially if they are in their younger years. You could design the ceiling and walls with colorful geometrical patterns with LED lights on the headboard and floral curtains for a soothing touch.

8. Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are always a good option for kids who share rooms with siblings. You could opt for a bunk bed along with mounted shelves on the walls and cabinets to make room for their toys. This helps you save floor space while leaving you with a fully functional room.

9. Art on the Wall

Kid's bedroom designs, Fabmodula Fabmodula Modern nursery/kids room

Kid's bedroom designs


Art always leaves a good impact on kids. Consider decorating your kids’ room with fun colors making the wall look like a canvas. You could hang portraits on the wall along with a wall clock and LED lights over the headboard.

10. An attractive color palette

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Kolte Patil Mirabillis apartment

Dutta Kannan Partners

Children are often drawn to bright color palettes which is why it's never a bad idea to light their rooms up with color. You can opt for a brightly painted wall that doubles up as a headboard and fun, colorful bedspreads and rugs.

11. Dual toned rooms

Sticking to a single color or perhaps dual colors brings uniformity to the kid's room. If you are pressed for space, you can opt for single beds that are efficiently placed so as to utilize minimum floor space as is depicted in the image.

12. Multipurpose furniture

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Residential Interiors

Crush Mango

Beds that double up as storage units are a great way to save space, especially in the children’s room, considering the number of toys and accessories that require additional space. You can choose a bright color palette to decorate the room, ensuring that your child is in a creative, warm environment.

If you're having trouble with the size of your room, be sure to browse through these ideas for a small bedroom.

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