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Let's be honest that the vibrant people living in the culturally rich city of Delhi clamours for a rich and dazzling décor that is in sync with their taste. So when designing the Delhi home, the interior designers and decorators of DESIGNERS GANG in Gurgaon combined their unique style with the client's dreams to give a touch of elegance to the home décor. From the accent walls to the furniture and furnishing and then the choicest selection of strategically positioned lights to dazzle the décor, the Delhi home's interior shines bright day and night. Let's peep into the house to check out the fantastic design in progress. 

Shining bright and beautiful

The royal blue wall of the living room becomes the focal point of its décor. The open white shelf on the blue wall and the white wall built a stunning contrast of colour. Several open shelves create enough space to showcase the family’s collectables. The framed wooden door at the living room entrance with intricate CNC work on one side of it adds elegant warmth to the décor. The stunning ceiling lamp binds the whole interior décor of the living and dining room together with its sparkle.

Decorative partition

The beautiful glare of the glass partition separates the living room from the dining space. Artificial flowers woven in the middle of the glass partition adds colour and vibrancy to the interior decoration. The white dining unit cabinet has a glass wall partition framed in white that shines under the glow of the spotlights fixed above it. Floral decoration further enhances the beauty of the interior decoration.

Aesthetically decorated dining room

The compact dining room gets decorated by the classy dining table shining in white table and wooden chairs. The layered false ceiling in the contrasting combination of black and white gets complimented by the yellow glow of light seeping from the hidden source. Two modern-style lamps guard the fan. The calm shades of the curtains bring soothing elegance into space.  

The bedroom Cabinet

Long handles of the bedroom wardrobe add the sophisticated style in its shiny white doors. The upholstered headboard of the bed feels comfortable when sitting on the bed. The contrast of white light of the spotlights on the ceiling and the glow of yellow of the beautiful wall lamp is designed to build up a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom.

Dancing on the wall

The beautiful painting of dancing dolls on the children’s room wall creates an exciting wall décor. The blue and yellow bunk-bed, window from the fairy-tale, light fixed on the bed and the dolls dancing in its tune, the children of the house will surely love it.

Modern meets Colonial style

The dining unit's beautiful door style decorates the entire room with the fascinating blend of modern and colonial-style. The shimmer elegance of light elevates the stylishness of the space.  

Glimmer of the balcony décor

A designer mirror on the wall, a wooden bench and the wooden panelled cladding on the wall extending to the ceiling add a warm décor to the balcony. The decor's elegant charm gets elevated by the natural elegance of rattan lamps hanging from the roof.

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Did you get dazzled by the beautiful decor of this home? 

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