Unique Kitchen Islands: 10 Ideas to Inspire your Home

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Envisaging a kitchen island can help you properly utilize your spacious open kitchen area efficiently. A well-planned kitchen island can modify the aesthetic of the room by adding functionality in terms of counter space and storage for several kitchen appliances. Kitchen islands can also accommodate a seating area that allows you to cook and rest at the same time while saving floor space for a separate dining table.

1. Classy white kitchen island

Modular Kitchen! Mansha Interior Modern kitchen
Mansha Interior

Modular Kitchen!

Mansha Interior

This white modular kitchen island in the center has cabinetry with lights attached to them. Pull-out drawers and a well-built countertop provide ample space and storage for cooking essentials. An all-white theme adds to the aesthetics of the area significantly.

2. Gleaming granite kitchen island

Modern Kitchen! Mansha Interior Modern kitchen Countertop,Cabinetry,Furniture,Property,Table,White,Kitchen,Sink,Tap,Kitchen stove
Mansha Interior

Modern Kitchen!

Mansha Interior

Consider a gleaming kitchen island with a black granite countertop and blue-toned cabinetry if you’re looking to remodel your kitchen. A sink on the island with the necessary plumbing concealed in the cabinetry adds to the overall functionality of the kitchen. Pendant lights suspended from the ceiling add to the look further.

3. Polished granite kitchen island

4BHK Home Interior End to End Turnkey Project @ Whitefield Bangalore, HCD DREAM Interior Solutions Pvt Ltd HCD DREAM Interior Solutions Pvt Ltd Asian style kitchen Plywood White Countertop,Cabinetry,Property,Furniture,Kitchen,Kitchen sink,Wood,Sink,Kitchen appliance,Interior design
HCD DREAM Interior Solutions Pvt Ltd

4BHK Home Interior End to End Turnkey Project @ Whitefield Bangalore

HCD DREAM Interior Solutions Pvt Ltd

The contrast of a brown, polished, granite countertop with a slim white base is a great choice. This kitchen island has moderate space on top conjugated with pull-out drawers in a column at the bottom providing you with sufficient storage space.

4. Marble countertop with aquarium base

Level up the game of designing your kitchen island with this combination of a wide marble counter-top, a glass finish coral aquarium in the middle, and a wooden base. Pair this aesthetically pleasant island with wade bar stools to complete the seating arrangement.

5. Black marble island with wooden cabinetry

This island is designed with a black marble countertop and a cream-toned base with wooden cabinetry on the sides and shelves. You can use an island such as this to chop or serve your meals fresh out of the oven!

6. Kitchen island with soapstone countertop

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Kitchen designs


This kitchen island with a grey soapstone countertop has a specific space for the oven, the remnant of which can be used for chopping. The plywood, coupled with the maroon and white cabinetry leaves you with ample storage space.

7. Black marble countertop

Island kitchen with breakfast counter Hoop Pine Interior Concepts Classic style kitchen Wood Brown modular kitchen,island kitchen,breakfast counter,kitchen design,teak kitchen,island counter,classic design,classic kitchen
Hoop Pine Interior Concepts

Island kitchen with breakfast counter

Hoop Pine Interior Concepts

An isolated sink on the kitchen island is an efficient choice that keeps your cooking station dry. The marble countertop with a wooden base adds to the aesthetic of the kitchen in addition to adding functionality.

8. Kitchen island with rounded cabinets

This grey kitchen island comes with a curved kitchen cabinet that adds to the aesthetic of the area while providing a great deal of storage. The island also serves as an efficient way of dividing the large kitchen.

9. Multi-purpose kitchen island

A multi-purpose kitchen island that doubles up as the cooking space, dining table, and kitchen counter is a wonderful choice for a small kitchen or a smaller home where space is a major constraint. The right choice of colors such as teal and brown make this combination an absolute stunner.

10. Rustic kitchen island

D'LIFE Island Kitchen DLIFE Home Interiors Kitchen units Wood effect kitchen design, interior design
DLIFE Home Interiors

D'LIFE Island Kitchen

DLIFE Home Interiors

An open-shelved rustic-inspired kitchen island is a great option to experiment with. Wooden chairs and hanging pendant lights complete the island all too perfectly.

Kitchen islands are known for their efficiency, coveted by many homeowners who have spacious kitchens. The cabinetry, shelves, and pull-out drawers provide additional storage and can double up as a dining table. Browse through these kitchen ideas for more inspiration.

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