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10 Windows your House is in Need of

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Windows are the ventilators of a building or home allowing fresh air and natural light to enter the space. Windows are the gateways to the outside world, allowing you to bring a glimpse indoors. There are several types of windows that you can choose for your home, but the design, structure, and material should be chosen keeping the weather and structure of your house in mind. This ideabook visits a few big window designs that you can feature in your home.

1. Skylight window

Big skylight windows are a good choice to elevate the interior design of your home, allowing sunlight to aesthetically fall into your house. You can have special roof windows that create a personalized balcony while it’s open. The upper sash of the window slides upward and the lower sash can be moved forward making a balcony.

2. Arched window

An arched window with a white wooden or aluminum frame with multiple woody slats on both sashes, placed on the isle of your house enhances the architectural look. It opens like a casement window with the slight difference that it opens inwards instead of outwards.

3. Picture window

A big picture window in the living room of a house with a valuated ceiling is a unique choice. Picture windows are generally large and don’t have any sash attached to move them. These windows are just glass window-pane framing the outside view as a picture.

4. Bay window

Bay windows have a hexagonal shape with an outward frame giving you a panoramic view of the outside. The sides of the hexagonal window can have an optional opening with sash locks on both sides. Frame this window with wood or aluminum in your living room or bedroom for an aesthetic touch.

5. Two-panel slider window

Sliding windows are a very common yet classy choice for any house. The two-panel slider comes with a single sash lock and lets both panels or a single panel move from one side to another. Spare a wide space for two-panel slider windows in your study room to enjoy the fresh air along with a soothing view outside.

6. Corner windows

It is understood by the name that the corner of rooms are meant to have these kinds of windows and they consist of two panels facing each other in a perpendicular direction. Design your house with glass finish corner windows to create an innovative look, allowing your room to have natural light and air from different directions.

7. Metal windows with grill

Windows with metal grills are a vintage choice and are also easy to maintain. These metal grills come in different price range depending on the metal it’s made of. These kinds of windows are cheaper and stronger than other fancy windows.

8. Glass roof window

A glass roof window is a great way to welcome sunshine into your home. These windows generally have wooden planks that serve as frames to support the glass. They generally open outwards ensuring that you do not lose any space in your home. Ideal for an attic-turned-bedroom, these windows are a must-have if you're looking for additional beds or seating arrangements in your home.

9. Glass block window

A glass block window enables you to get a picturesque view of your surroundings without any obstruction from railings. These windows are sometimes fixated and cannot be opened although you can add a provision to allow for the same.

10. Casement windows

Casements windows are a great option to try out specifically due to the intricacies they bring forth. A mosaic-designed casement window adds the right amount of detail to the window while boosting the aesthetics of your home.

Make sure to choose the right design and pattern for your window as per the weather in your area of residence. This helps you have proper ventilation and also accentuates the structural beauty of the interior design. Browse through these interior design trends to spruce up the look of your home.

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