6 ways to incorporate a TV in your home

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Like someone said, if there is no TV in your home, what will you point all your furniture towards? A home without a TV is like a body without a soul, or almost. But too often people include a TV in their home on a boring old wall and that becomes like a sore thumb that sticks out in the beautiful decor of the rest of your home. So if you are looking for a way to incorporate a TV in your home, but in a beautiful aesthetic way, here are 6 simple ways.

On a console

Instead of hanging the TV on the wall in your living room, invest in a TV console and keep your TV on it. This way your TV can be displayed on a beautiful piece of furniture made of wood, metal or plastic like in this room designed by PREMDAS KRISHNA, and you'll also get additional storage area for other electronics that come with a TV, like a set top box, Blu-Ray player, speakers etc,

On a feature wall

If you really want to attach the TV to wall to keep it out of reach of small children, or simply because it provides a better angle for viewing, attach it to a feature wall. Be it a wall with a different kind of wallpaper or colour than the rest of the room, or a double wall like the glass and wooden wall her, on which the TV has been fixed, a feature wall will garner more attention for your TV.

In the dining area

While most people prefer putting the TV in the living room, the dining area too is a good place for the TV. This way the entire family can sit and watch their favourite show together while having dinner. A wall above a cabinet, or the top of the cabinet is a good place to keep the TV in the dining room.

In front of the bed

If you want a TV in your bedroom away from your kids, or perhaps are adding a second TV for your personal use in your bedroom, place it front of the bed. This way you can cuddle in together and enjoy your favourite movie or show. You can put it above a study table, like on the striking wooden feature wall here designed by OPTIMYSTIC DESIGNS in Pune, or put it in a niche in your cupboard, or make room for it between some shelves.

On your dresser

If there is no room for alterations in your cupboard, or there is a window in front of your bed, you can place the TV on a dresser at an angle that is still easily viewable from the bed. You can also keep it on top of a side table or a bookshelf, in a corner facing the bed. Make sure though that you won't knock it over while walking.

In a media room

Finally, if you have the luxury of a media room, then that is the most perfect place for your TV! Be it on the wall, on a console, or amidst a series of interesting ceiling and wall lights like here, your TV and you can find no better secluded corner than a media room. If you don't have a media room, you can always turn a corner of your study into a movie watching paradise with a TV there. If you are a bit of a slob and are looking for ways to tidy up your home, here are 6 helpful tips.

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