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How to prepare your home for guests!

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When you have guests in your house, do you take any extra efforts to make their stay more comfortable and pleasant? Whether you have friends or relatives over for a night or a few days, think of what all they might need. Think of what you would need as a guest in someone's house. Not all are comfortable requesting essentials, so make sure you provide stuff beforehand. Also, you may need to make some changes around the house, like moving some furniture etc when there is no dedicated guest bedroom. Here is a checklist of things that you need to take care of when you have guests expected in your home.

Tidy Up

You may be used to the regular stuff lying around the room, but when you have visitors staying over, make sure the living room is clean and clutter-free. Put back all the extras lying around into their respective places. Make sure the place is comfortable, pleasant and inviting.

Move Furniture

Room39 product range Room39 Living roomAccessories & decoration

Room39 product range


When you have light furniture like this one, it is easy to move it in and out of the guest bedroom as per the need. If there is space, move the bench in from your living room to the guest room so that your guests can use it for extra seating or just keeping their stuff on.

Stock up kitchen supplies

You don't want to be running out of milk and groceries when you have guests. So stock up in advance so that you can spend more time with them rather than going out to buy things for the kitchen.

Extra Towels

It is always a good idea to provide guests with extra towels. In most probability, they have their own, but an extra set of clean towels is always helpful and even more often when the stay is unplanned.

Extra Pillows

If you can, always provide extra pillows to your guests. Some people like more pillows in order to sleep peacefully while some may need it to just lie down and read a book comfortably. They may not be able to ask for it, so let them have it in their room beforehand.

Extra Blankets

If it's their first-time visit to your city, your guests may not be prepared for the weather. So if the nights tend to get rather chilly in general make sure you always have an extra set of blankets for them.

Sofa bed

If you stay in an apartment and do not have the luxury of a dedicated guest bedroom, now is the time to put that sofa bed to use. Check out these functional and stylish designs from Gamamobel Spain.

Bathroom Preparation

Guest Bathroom STUDIO[01] LTD Modern bathroom

Guest Bathroom


You needn't go overboard with bathroom decor for your guests. However, it is important that the bathroom is neat and clean and stocked with basic toiletries and a couple of hand towels. Bad bathrooms can create really bad impressions.

Final Touches

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GUEST ROOM—project cool flat

Severine Piller Design LLC

A tiny bunch of fresh flowers or a couple of potted plants on the window bring in a lot of positivity in the room. Try and add just slight touches of these and you can feel a marked difference in the room ambiance immediately.

Want to make your small guest room look bigger? Here's an ideabook you'll love.

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