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9 Simple Tips to make your home ready for the Indian monsoon!

Sheetal Bhandari Sheetal Bhandari
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Monsoons are around the corner! Rains bring in so much relief from the sweltering summer heat, but with it also come humidity, seepage, sewage blocks and other problems. Look around, is your home monsoon ready? Create a list right before the rains arrive and check them off as you go. Have a delightful monsoon this year rather than the one that makes you toil. Here's and ideabook to help you get started.

Fix the roof

The roof is the most affected during the torrential monsoon rains. You cannot afford to have any seepage coming in from the roof so give it a thorough check and make sure your home remains dry throughout the rainy season.

Waterproofing the walls

It might be a good idea to waterproof the walls both from inside and outside. If you are in a heavy rainfall prone area, chances are, it is already taken care of, but it makes sense to revise and check for the effectiveness every year. 

Check Sewage

Get the local authorities to look for any possible blockages in the sewage systems and gutters in and around your house. Rains often bring in unpleasant surprises and it is difficult to work around blockages when rains are at their peak. 

Umbrella Stands

At home, place umbrella and raincoat stands at the entrance. It is so convenient both for the family members and guests visiting your home. You don't want water dripping all across the living room floor. Stylish stands like this are an eye candy too.

Monsoon themes upholestry

If you love the monsoons, why not go a step ahead and incorporate some rain themed bedsheets for your room. Colorful and bright curtains maybe for kids' room will be a great way to change the decor for the season and let kids join in the monsoon magic too.

Cozy corners

Rains have a way of stirring different emotions for different people. Whether you like solitude, a friend for a chat, reading a book or just sipping on tea while it's raining outside, a cozy corner is must-have during monsoon season. So prepare one today!

Air Conditioner Check

Tropical season is not always fun and during rains, there is no other option but to stay indoors. Make sure your air conditioner is working well. When you know that humidity levels are high, switch on the AC and stay comfortable indoors.

Move your outdoor furniture

The best of waterproof furniture may not be able to survive a heavy monsoon spell. Move your outdoor furniture to the porch or inside the house.

Get rid of floor rugs!

It may be a good idea to keep those beautiful Persian rugs safely packed inside as moisture can create havoc and there is also a possibility of the rugs getting dirtier during the rains. Do however make sure that you sun them out whenever you can.

Rains are meant to be enjoyed. Make sure you home is ready to welcome the monsoons and you do not have unexpected surprises when it comes to home maintenance. 

So have you created a checklist for your home to welcome the rains? Tell us how.

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