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11 Attractive Mirror Decoration Ideas to Dazzle up Your Home

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There is no doubt that the mirrors are the designers’ best friend when it comes to home décor. The mirrors are the most straightforward hack to create an illusion of spaciousness in small and enclosed areas, bringing in the light making the décor bright and beautiful. It reflects the beauty of the interior, making the interior design more stylish. Mirrors bring personality into space. Then why not decorate the mirror that adds so much value and style to our home décor and enhance the style quotient of the home décor by the decorative mirrors. Let’s get ideas to decorate the mirrors that decorate our home.

1. Bold and Beautiful

If you love colours, then show them unapologetically. Florescent green frame of the mirror against the blue background builds up a bright and beautiful contrast. The mirror is all you need then to decorate the space.

2. Ornate Mirrors

The ornate mirror's beauty lies in its versatility. It can fit anywhere effortlessly, giving the space a cosmetic makeover. However, take a clue from here and match the mirror frame with the carving on the console table. It will look elegant!

3. Exquisite Collection

Create a focal point in the home décor with an exquisite-style framed mirror and just the mirror fixed on the wall. The minimalist style interior décor of the dining room gets an instant boost with the wall's mirror.

4. Classy style mirror

Brighten up the neutral wall, antique table and the traditional floor with the decorative mirror's classiness in sync with the chic and contemporary style. The reflection of the chandelier shines bright on the mirror.

5. Magic of Hexagonal pattern

Create magic on the wall with mirror decoration. All you have to do is to unleash your creativity and experiment with shapes and size when decorating the wall with the mirrors. Beehive shapes several mirrors build up creative wall décor.

6. Golden Frame on the Black accent wall

The shiny mirror's golden frame neutralizes the dark black wall by reflecting the dining room's otherwise off-white walls. The oversize mirror reflects the delicate charm of the space to become its centre of attraction.

7. Golden Era of the Royal Charm

Take a leaf out of the Royalty and create a stunning mirror decoration in rich golden hue with a delicate carving all over and the crown cut on the top. This mirror will bring the richness to the home décor.

8. Elegance of the floor mirror

Delicate mirror framed in the heavy dark wood brings elegance and warmth to the room. Everyone needs a full-length mirror while getting ready. So choose the place for the floor mirror smartly to make the most of it. Also use the full-size to create an illusion of roominess in a small room, reflecting light and making it bright.

9. Playing with the shape

Placing a mirror above the sink is a necessity. However, designing it in unconventional shape to create an unconventionally stunning space is a personal choice. Match the shape of the mirror with the sink's oval shape or choose the shape you adore; the choice is yours.

10. Mirrored wall

It’s the easiest hack to decorate the home with a decorative mirrored wall. The self-design criss-cross blocks of the mirror decoration don’t need any extravagant extra frame to get enhanced.

11. Traditional Entrance

Lift the stylishness of your home entrance with a traditional style mirror adorning the front wall of the corridor. The mirror is an excellent anchor piece in the enclosed hallway or passage of the modern home. It brightens up space by reflecting light, making it bright and vibrant.

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Which of these mirror decoration ideas inspired you? Let us know in the comments below.

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