6 Ways to store more in your small Indian kitchen!

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The thing that haunts every urban dweller in India—storage. While the list of things you want to buy keeps increasing, the amount of space you have to keep them in your home is limited. You can throw away old clothes or shoes, but kitchen utensils, appliances and food is something that you juts can't throw away. While you can go out and buy anything you want, storing them is not that easy. But if we are talking about storing things in your kitchen, it's not that difficult either. Here are 6 simple ways to store more in your kitchen.

Storage wall

A simple way to get more storage area in your kitchen, is to use an entire wall instead of just cabinets above and below the kitchen counter. A storage cabinet wall that spans from floor to ceiling like the one here designed by I NOVA INFRA from Trivandrum, can provide you with ample storage options in even the smallest of kitchens. Contrasting colours between the kitchen counter and the storage wall, will make it look more striking.

Store between windows

Kitchen and Dining area designs: modern Kitchen by Desig9x Studio
Desig9x Studio

Kitchen and Dining area designs

Desig9x Studio

The wall space between windows in a kitchen is often left unused. But it is a valuable space where you can incorporate a few cabinets like here, or simply place a few wooden or glass shelves and create an additional storage area. If the window ledges inside the kitchen are wide enough, they can be used to stores mini bottles of spices, pickles and even fresh herb plants like tulsi and chillies.

Inbuilt appliances

The space on a kitchen counter is often encroached upon by various kitchen appliances. One simple way to free up this area to store more food items or dishes, is to move the appliances somewhere else. And the best way to do it, is to opt for appliances built into a modular kitchen like the one's here, or move appliances like a microwave, an OTG, or even a fridge into a niche in the cabinets.

Under the sink

Another valuable, and often unused space in a kitchen is the space under the sink. Instead of leaving this empty, build some cabinets here. If you are not comfortable with storing food products here due to hygiene issues, you can always store cleaning and laundry products here, or even tuck away a draining board to stack and air dry dishes.

Two-tiered upper cabinets

While most people have cabinets above the kitchen counter, they often don't reach up all the way to the ceiling. To utilize space more effectively in a small kitchen, build cabinets all the way up to the ceiling, and opt for two-tiered cabinets, whether they are built in a classic style like here, or a more contemporary style like this. This way you can store precious cutlery, utensils and other things that you don't use often on the upper, not easily accessible shelves; while the everyday items can be stored in the lower, more easily accessible cabinet area. 

Under the kitchen island

If you happen to have a kitchen island in your home, don't let this space go to waste. Use the space under the kitchen island by building cabinets there, or simply carving out some shelves, like in this lovely rustic kitchen designed by RITA MODY JOSHI & ASSOCIATES in Goa. If you want to do up your kitchen in a rustic yet slightly modern way, here are 5 ideas.

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