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7 big twin bedroom ideas to try

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Designing and organizing a room for two or more children can be a challenging ordeal. Interior designers and decorators often have to create a space that factors in multiple personalities without leaving anyone out. There are numerous creative ways to design the children's bedroom, ranging from cozy bunk beds to clever design schemes. Take a look at these 7 big twin bedroom ideas if you're looking to renovate or design the bedroom from scratch.

1. An adventure themed bedroom

Piquing the interest of children is seldom a difficult task. With the help of adventure-themed wallpaper, you can do just that! Let their imaginations soar with this mountain range inspired wallpaper that comes in pastel purple, brown, and silver shades. The choice of colors for the upholstery and decor is the same as that of the wallpaper creating a holistic theme.

2. Cartoon inspired bunker bed

Bunker beds are a great option for growing children as they often include them in their everyday play. Whether it's playing house or hide-and-seek bunker beds solve parents' grievances when it comes to occupying their children. A cartoon inspired bunker bed with wallpaper or stickers on the wardrobe or walls is a great way to keep children engaged.

3. Extra shelf space bunker bed

If you are pressed for space in the children's bedroom, this is a great idea for you to try out. Setting aside some space against the wall for a shelf helps you keep all those toys off the floor! You can take things up a notch by designing the bunker bed to represent a playhouse so that putting your kids to sleep is an easy task!

4. Geography themed bunker bed

If your kids are having trouble with geography, then a world map wallpaper is just what they need. It's the first thing that they see on waking up and the last thing before they retire for the day. A wooden frame for the bunker alongside wooden floors is a great way to create a rustic, adventure-themed bedroom.

5. Nature themed bedroom

If only it were possible to stay at a campsite all year round! With this nature-themed bedroom, the proximity of that possibility is closer than you imagine. You can turn your kids' bedroom into a playful oasis with this design theme that looks like it has been taken straight out of a storybook. The wooden, tree branch shelf adds an almost real wild element to the room.

6. Upholstered headboards for the twin beds

Upholstered headboards are a great way to protect your kids from injuries that could surface when they run around or play. This bedroom makes use of a light blue oceanic theme that is accentuated by the choice of Disney characters' inspired bed sheets. The flooring, cabinets, and walls are kept neutral in shades of white and blue.

7. Elevated twin beds

If you're looking for a new and improved way of designing your children's bedroom be sure to try out elevated beds. A single platform that is lighted from below serves as the base to two mattresses eliminating the need for separate cots. Colorful accents across the room give rise to a lively theme.

Performance fabric is ideal for the children's room as it has multiple benefits to offer—be sure to make use of it in your home!

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