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17 Amazing Hallway Décor Design Ideas for your Beautiful Home

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Agree or disagree, but you cannot deny the fact that the 'first impression counts.' It aptly applies to the hallway, which is an introduction to your house. It sets the tone of what to expect once you step in. So, since it's just a step towards your lavish living room doesn't mean that your abode's entrance should be a neglected space. Our interior designers and decorators have quite a few unique ideas and stunning designs to make the impressive hallway that will leave a lasting impact. From smart storage to stunning wall décor to a simple design that can leave you and your guests in awe; we have curated incredible ideas to inspire you while decorating the hallway. Have a look!

1. Amalgamation of varied hue

The amalgamation of different colour at the entrance wall merges to build up a beautifully colourful space full of welcome charm. The storage, the wall and the ceiling in contrasting shades complement each other.

2. Classy elegance

A massive picture on the wall grabs the attention as one walks through the hallway. The L-shaped storage cabinet, two chairs, a small table and the rug on the floor creates an elegant décor. 

3. A meditative eclectic hallway

The display of the religious symbol on the wall, the rustic wooden storage cabinet and floor, Lord Buddha's statue in a meditative pose and the vibrant colour spread all through the hallway creates a meditative and pious hallway. 

4. Woody warmth

Dominated by wood this hallway indulges in warm elegance with wooden storage, and the generous use of wood in ceiling, partition, door and even the paintings with a forest painted on it.

5. Gracefully simple

A mirror framed in a dark wood, wooden closet, a wooden Buddha statue, and a white flower vase; the classic combination of wood and white in its simplicity is a smart design that decorates the small homes and apartments hallway.

6. Stylish storage at the hallway

The sheen of the cabinet on one wall is in stark contrast to the opposite wall's rough texture in the long hallway. The open shelves, closed storage and a seat with box-storage beneath it build up sufficient storage at the hallway but in a stylish way.

7. Back to earth on the hallway

Connect to earth in the concrete jungle with terracotta mural drawn on the wall facing the hallway entrance. Enhance it further with wooden storage cum sitting area and plants in the planter.

8. Modernity of simple style

The spotlights beautifully lights and the hanging lamp fixed on the wooden beams lights up the hallway's path. The strategically designed drawers of the wooden cabinet give it an innovative style. And then the soothing shade of the wall drenches the hallway in delicate elegance.

9. Stepping style of the hallway storage

When planning storage in the hallway, design it to step up the décor and use it to style the hallway. Take a clue from here and create your hallway to make it functionally comfortable.

10. Creatively designed to impress

Floral design on the floor, the stone mural with a statue on the wall and the modern chandelier dropping from the ceiling combines to create a creative hallway to leave an everlasting impact.

11. Beauty in simplicity

Try to design the hallway in a simple way to leave a profound impact! A beige wall, a couple of floating shelves for display and an elegant lamp mingle to create a simple yet elegant décor of the hallway.

12. Stunning in sophisticated style

The symmetry in the style of the pictures adorning the wall, the huge Ganesha painted on the wall, a long floating shelf, pebbles on the wooden floor, and the hidden lights lighting up the hallway from behind the false ceiling build up a stunning hallway.

13. Focused décor

Create a focal point in the hallway and let it shine, enhancing the elegance of the space. The green frame of the mirror on the blue wall attracts attention with its contrast. 

14. A walk to remember

The picture gallery on the hallway will transpose you to the beautiful world of memories keeping it alive every time you walk through the door. Frame the pictures to hang them or keep it simple like here; the choice will be yours.

15. Modern minimalism

A shiny wall of toughened glass reflecting the pendant lamps elegance and the artistic console is enough to design and decorate a sophisticated hallway in a modern minimalist style.

16. Classic in traditional

The regal style console table, the mirror on the wall and the old-style flooring come together to bring back the bygone era's elegance in the modern hallway.

17. The green footprints

Decorate the hallway's wall with the colours of nature and enjoy the beauty of the vertical garden right at your doorstep. A wall full of wooden cabinets with niches for the plants in planters is quite an innovative way to bring the greenery into your home décor.

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Which hallway design will you choose for your home? We are waiting to hear from you.

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