11 Smart and Stylish Design Ideas for Small Kitchen

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While the small homes and apartments have lots to offer in comfort and elegance within the small budget, the kitchen suffers the maximum burnt when it comes to space curb. However, all it needs to design a small kitchen is space optimization, sufficient storage and smart planning that makes the life in the kitchen a cakewalk without compromising its style and aesthetics. Whether the kitchen of your home is confined to one wall or has space to design it in U, L, parallel or an open one merged in the house's social area; we have something for every layout. Let's walk through the fantastic small kitchen designs designed by the professional kitchen planners and admired by the small kitchen owners. Have a look!

1. Classy in modern minimalism

Elegant kitchen in the combination of dark and light grey looks chic and stylish. The L-shaped kitchen with a handle-free wall and floor kitchen cabinet create sufficient storage. The shiny breakfast bar doubles up to be the service platform and prep area in the small kitchen. The two blue pendant lamps are further enhancing the aesthetics.

2. Glow on the wall

Sparkle on the backsplash mosaic brings in a drama into the small kitchen. The open kitchen in the shape of U has storage on the wall and floor, a few closed and some open shelves and a couple of open shelves even on the island which also acts as the partition.

3. Flushed in the natural light

A massive French window connects the kitchen to the outside world, bringing fresh energy and washing the kitchen in natural light. The glass window also creates an illusion of spaciousness in the small kitchen. 

4. Cozy comfortable kitchen

The parallel kitchen flaunting the modern shade of grey creates a cosy comfort in parallel layout. The classic floral backsplash and the traditional doorknobs add to the aesthetics of the small kitchen.

5. Signature elegance in rustic style

The modern kitchen ending with an open brick wall merges the rustic style with contemporary elegance. The open kitchen plan has long kitchen cabinet doors, cemented walls, the exposed beam and the concrete floor is quite traditional in appeal.

6. Layered elegance

One-wall kitchen with the protruding upper cabinet with spotlights fixed on it shines on the wall cabinet creating a resting spot for eyes admiring the kitchen style's sheer elegance. Two colour cabinets complement the two colour backsplash that ends with the rough texture of the sidewall.

7. Splash of sophistication

Inject a generous dollop of sophisticated style with colour in your small kitchen. It will take the breadth and attention away from the size of the kitchen. The well-designed blue kitchen cabinets, concrete breakfast bar, blue and wood high chairs, and the glass lamps hanging over it create a stunning atmosphere in the kitchen that opens in the house's social area.

8. Shine of reflective materials

The reflective tiles on the floor, the sheen of the glass backsplash and the shiny cabinet doors extending to the ceiling create an illusion of spaciousness even in the enclosed kitchen. The toughened glass also covers the wall framing the window. It adds colour and elegance into the small kitchen.

9. Bright and beautiful

It makes sense to make your small kitchen bright and beautiful, dazzling colours to become a happy place. Yellow walls, traditional style wooden cabinets with framed glass, the vitrified wall tiles' floral patterns, and the red stone floor covered with floral tiles come together to build up a beautiful small kitchen.

10. Jigsaw style of the kitchen cabinet

The interesting amalgamation of closed and open kitchen cabinets smartly creates the kitchen storage and enhances its style. The white and light wood wall cabinets are in contrast with the dark solid wood floor cabinets. The patterned wall tiles look stunning in this L-shaped small kitchen.  

11. Curvaceous classiness

The curvy ceiling drops from above defining the boundary of the open kitchen. Build in the combination of white and orange; it's an exciting combination in the small kitchen. The engineered stone countertop has curves in its turns, and the curvy cabinets fit perfectly beneath the countertop's curve.

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Which small kitchen design ideas do you think will work for you? Please let us know in the comments.

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