Brilliant bathroom sink designs by Badeloft GmbH

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Badeloft - Badewannen und Waschbecken aus Mineralguss und Marmor Modern bathroom
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Professional bathroom designers Badeloft GmbH are in charge of today’s designer piece. Located in Berlin, Badeloft GmbH has been at the forefront of bathroom spaces, not only to boost visual splendour but also to include a strong sense of functionality to aid in client convenience. 

The thing with bathroom designs and, more specifically bathroom sinks, is that they have the opportunity to transform a bathroom’ style and make it more modern, cosier, etc. And that’s exactly why we’ve chosen these professionals, for these 5 impressive sink designs of theirs (from corian sinks and small sinks to larger washbasins) are sure to inspire anybody to give their bathroom design another look. 

Today, we sneak a peek at some of Badeloft GmbH’s most prestigious sink- and washbasin designs in order to inspire those of you out there currently pondering giving your bathrooms a new look. Bear in mind that the mineral cast washbasins from Badeloft GmbH differ in terms of design and quality when compared to conventional enamel sinks.

Let’s be inspired for some beautiful bathroom sink designs.   

Mineral cast undercounter washbasin UB-05

This design can clearly be distinguished from more classic washbasin styles. Made of mineral casting (as all sinks on this list are), a composite of acrylic polymer and natural minerals, this design remains free of toxic substances and is very soft on one’s skin. And thanks to its robust, joint-free surface, there are no hidden corners or crevices for bacteria and germs. 

And how inspiring is that clean-cut shape of the sink, ensuring a strong rectangular shape (with softened edges) to boost your kitchen (and your sink) design. 

Mineral cast undercounter washbasin UB-04

Sometimes less is so much more. And during those times, a sleek and subtle bathroom sink can be just what is needed to drive that modern / minimalist design style home.

And seeing as those sink corners are much sharper than the UB-05’s more softer sides, this design can blend in beautifully into a space already flaunting strong lines. But let’s not overlook this bathroom washbasin’s sloping design that also helps water drain out quicker and better. 

Mineral cast undercounter washbasin UB-03

A smaller, perfectly circular design for your bathroom sink instead? Coming in at a smaller size than the others (small sinks are perfect for small bathrooms), this design offers us a tad more countertop surface. 

And yes, it might be a smaller design than the others, but if functionality is an issue for your space, maybe consider taking two and treating your bathroom to a double sink design? 

Mineral cast undercounter washbasin UB-02

For those times when a circle is just too… round, try something more oval – and bigger. Yes, the most popular bathroom sink shape has been rethought and reinterpreted by the bathroom designers known as Badeloft GmbH

Can you see how the UB-02’s soft and semi-circular design offsets quite beautifully with those strong visual lines usually found in a bathroom (i.e. tile grouting, towel rails, shower door… )? 

Mineral cast undercounter washbasin UB-01

At first glance, UB-01 seems identical to UB-05. But look closer and you'll notice UB-01 is slightly more open and expansive, plus seems to provide a more sloping interior surface. Apart from that, you can expect the same clean look and first-rate quality as all the other bathroom sinks courtesy of Badeloft GmbH

But just as a matter of interest (and curiosity): which of these Badeloft GmbH sinks would be ideal to boost your bathroom design? 

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