10 Luxurious and Stylish Ideas to Decorate the Big Bathrooms

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It’s a luxury in modern homes to have a large spacious bathroom. So if you are the lucky one, then explore the length and breadth of the bathroom to create a luxurious space drench in your classy taste and exclusive décor. The bathroom storage, fixtures, and fittings, the bathtub and shower cubicle for that frothy foamy bath, the natural and artificial light, the expensive flooring, to the elaborate wall and ceiling decor; every single element merges to build up a bathroom of your dream. Professional bathroom designers have become inventive and innovative when it comes to designing a chic and comfortable bathroom. Let’s take a walk through the big expansive bathroom for ideas and inspiration.

1. Indulging in soaked luxury

A big bathroom comes with the luxury of a luxurious bathtub to get soaked in the foamy bubbles. Golden tiles on the wall covering the bathtub, the cloudy design on the bathtub, wall-washer on the walls, the modern lamp on the ceiling, and the glass partition and door separating the wet zone from the dry; indulge in the indulgence of the big bathroom.

2. Eccentric attraction of the big bathroom

Decorate the big bathroom enhancing its style quotient with a floral wall, grabbing the attention as you walk in. The bold and colorful signature wall complements the decor of the bathroom otherwise kept simple. The white on the floor, the toilet seat, the frosted glass window, and the niches on the wall glowing in yellow LED build up a stylish decor.

3. Glitzy glamorous

Warm-veined marble on the floor and the walls with vanity look fashionable. The same size windows with the designer’s grill add to the style quotient. The luxury of fresh air and sun through windows to freshen up the space is possible in big bathrooms, and it could be used as a decorative element.

4. Double-vanity for ‘his’ and ‘her’

The big bathroom comes with the luxury of designing an elegant double-vanity bathroom with a comfortable dressing table. Two mirrors, two sinks, and two bathroom cabinets, in addition to everything in pristine white, makes the décor stunning.

5. Shiny warmth of wood and mirror

The mirror and woodwork shine under the modern chandelier drenching the bathroom in lavish elegance. Marble floor, ceramic tiles on the walls, the wooden bathroom cabinet, and countertop sink enhances the charm.

6. Modern in minimalism

There is a serene sophistication in minimalist décor like in this bathroom. The same color in different shades and texture of stone brings in the rustic charm into the modern bathroom.

7. Antique classiness

Concrete walls, brass fixtures, fittings, brass-framed mirror, antique look bring classiness to the décor. The richness of brass and the concrete in its natural shade is a smart idea to merge traditional elements in the modern large bathroom.

8. Sophisticated and quirky

The inventive wavy design and calming combination of the sink's white and florescent green are quite eye-catching, adding sophisticated charm to the big bathroom. The green shades of the engineered stone complement the bathroom built in the shadows of green and white.

9. Décor and drama on the wall

A large mirror covers up the whole wall all along the bathroom counter. The mirror doubles up the spaciousness of the space. The stepping style of the counter made of wood and stone, with open space and closed drawer stylishly creates storage. The combination of black and white adds to the elegance of the modern bathroom.

10. Shining beauty of lights

Decorate the big bathroom of yours with different pendant lamps hanging, wall-washers and candles on the niches, and even floor lights. The size of the bathroom will allow you to experiment a lot with creativity through lighting.

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