Kitchen island ideas that are small but stylish

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Kitchen islands are the main work station of every kitchen that also becomes a meeting zone for family when they get together to prepare meals or sample recipes and discuss important issues. Topped with wood, marble, granite or just even plain laminate, the island can make a significant impact within a small kitchen. Besides giving extra work space it offers a cozy spot for grabbing a cup of coffee before rushing out for work.  Here are some trendy kitchen islands created by our kitchen experts specifically for small kitchens to create a multipurpose work area.

1. Island as an extension

Sometimes setting up an island in the middle is not practical but that should not make you compromise on need for additional workspace. Here is a small peninsula sort of workspace attached to the small kitchen which provides required space without hindering workflow of the room.

2. Perpendicular work spaces

In a small built-in kitchen as this if sufficient room is unavailable for an island create it perpendicular to the cabinets or a wall like this. The design here has created an extension with a breakfast bar seating and also extra counter space.

3. Granite topped island

This stylish black granite topped kitchen island is a smart and chic way to make the region look expensive without spending too much money. Not only does this countertop save money but it is also easy to clean and maintain.

4. Multiple narrow islands

In narrow kitchens these types of rectangular a console tables can double as slim islands. Whether you opt for traditional marble counters or simple laminated ones the pieces have created extra surfaces for meal preparation.

5. Kitchen table cum island

Why not use the island as a piece of furniture that can work as a table and also a kitchen island? The owners here have opted for a laminated table in the kitchen center instead of setting up a standard kitchen island. The layout has an industrial vibe and also provides practical place to sit and eat.

6. Small and catchy

This kitchen island may look tiny, but it is the spotlight of this room. The smart light fixture stationed just above the island gives this workspace a trendy vibe turning it into a focal point of the kitchen.

7. Custom built island

In this modern kitchen the custom built kitchen island enhances the region's square design with several probabilities. The wooden block provides prep space for the cook while the cabinets underneath provide needed storage. The island's raised platforms offer a spot to keep extra items while using the main block for prepping.

8. Free standing island

Even mid sized kitchens can benefit from a small kitchen island. In this example the square free standing island divided into work area and eating area with marble has sufficient room to get meals ready and eat too.

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