8 Simple ways to perk up the room with pillows!

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Pillows are a great addition to your home (and we are not talking just about your regular pillows in the bedroom!). Not only do pillows have good functional value, they serve as perfect accessories, perking up the room in an instant. Change the covers and you have a new one to match the decor, look and feel of the room. From bright vibrant designs in the living room to subtle utility ones in the lounge, pillows are so multi functional and easy to work with. Here are 8 ways to perk up any room with pillows. 

Make that cozy corner, cozier

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ES Designs

Mr. Chandak's Duplex Apartment

ES Designs

A huge sofa to curl up in with a favourite book and some coffee for company! What better way to spend a sunday afternoon. Make it cozier with a pretty pillow to support your back and help you snooze off when you need to as well !

Customized single pillow

One of a kind customized single pillows for the family are cute and pretty. Add a personal touch with the names of family members, romantic words or witty quotes that help bring in love, romance, and fun!

Pop Art

Pin Up Cushion - Ava stylechapel Living roomAccessories & decoration

Pin Up Cushion—Ava


Pop art pillow covers like these instantly perk up the living room or the bedroom with its dramatic images. If quirky and kitschy is your style, then add these designs to make a sytatement. 

Throw them in good measure in the bedroom

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Nitin Goyal London

Hand Smocked Cushion Collection

Nitin Goyal London

You cannot go wrong with pillows on the bed. Add different sized pillows in contrasting colors and textures to make the bedroom look inviting and cozy. A well-made bed with lovely upholstery and lots of pillows will tempt you to sink right in.

Vibrant selection in the living room

Hand Smocked and Printed Cushion Collection Nitin Goyal London BedroomTextiles
Nitin Goyal London

Hand Smocked and Printed Cushion Collection

Nitin Goyal London

Vibrant colored pillows on sofas that are in neutral hues add a touch of glamor in the right measure. Again, a mix match and play of colors create a perfect ambiance in the living room, lending a fun yet classy decor.

Pillows to sit on

Floor cushions, bluebellgray bluebellgray BedroomTextiles

Floor cushions


Large floor pillows like these are ideal when you need an informal seating arrangement for your room. Sit on them, use them as a backrest or lay down on them when you need a quick nap.

A fun spot on the terrace

There's nothing that holds you back from using pillows in the outdoors! When decorating the terrace or porch in your home, add pillows to this huge lounge area like this one for a relaxed and fun place to hangout. Goes without saying that these must be waterproof and sturdier pillows than the ones used indoors.

Glamorous Outdoors

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Chodha Residence


A little bit of bling on the pillows in the outdoor sofas add a touch of glamor in an otherwise dull ambiance. The right amount of light and use of a few shiny pillows transform the place to one that's ready to host guests for a party.

Pillows can be used in innumerable ways to change or add to the character of any room. Be it indoors or outdoors, pillows are the perfect accessory. Choice of colors, designs, size and shape make them easy  to work with and affordable for all. So go right ahead and add some zing to your room with pillows.

Did you find any idea that you will implement in your home? Share with us how.

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