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Bedroom is a place of comfort and relaxation where everyone wants the best. As a personal oasis to rejuvenate people want it to be their ultimate heaven on earth with the right furniture, furnishings, lighting and all the necessary luxuries that they can afford. While trends with regard to bedroom colors, layout, fabrics, patterns and other details keep changing most people like to stick to ideas that meets their comfort level and sense of aesthetics. Here are a few bedroom decor trends that have remained timeless through the years that can be adopted by people of all tastes.

1. Neutral colors and soft lights

To keep your bedroom colors to stay relevant for an eternity go for neutral and trendy colors. Considering the fact that environmental consciousness and minimalist touches are most relevant ones stick to soft lighting that is easy on the eye.

2. In with nature

Bedroom trends are no exception to the growing consciousness about staying close to nature. Details like natural materials in the form of plants, stone, wood and natural light are all a part of bedroom design trends 2021. Combinations of light and dark textiles and materials in the modern bedroom along with a mixture of matte and glossy on the walls make a pleasant environment.

3. Grey is the new white

For ages beige, cream, white and pink were the most commonly used bedroom colors to maintain peace and harmony. While new tones like blue, lavender and even brown were introduced the one color that is predicted to remain for a long time is grey in combination with white. Here is a trendy example by one of our interior designers which showcases a stylish bedroom in shades of gray with touches of pink and white adding a sweet touch.

4. Classic bedroom

Classic bedrooms never go out of style and you can always this by investing in a large bed like this designed out of solid wood and dressed up with mixture of natural fabrics and silk. Make it as the focus area and if possible invest in solid wood dresser to match and use traditional flooring for the perfect touch. We suggest dark wood furniture with soft vanilla or white walls and accent lights. Soft sheer curtains in combination with window shutters and maybe a vintage table lamp will create a classic bedroom environment.

5. Minalist trend

Bedroom trends and style have their own rules for decorating the space that largely depends on the size and as per modern bedroom trends 2021 the use of bright prints against neutral colors is quite common. So is keeping the mood minimalist like here with natural materials and fabrics.

6. Display your personality

Bedroom designs 2021 are likely to focus on subdued display of personal taste through use of subtle details like luxury touches, expensive fabrics and neutral tones which will visually enlarge bedroom space. Here bright details like lighting with false ceiling, trendy drop down reading lamps, along with variations of wall decoration have been used to represent the owners' personal style. Other details like textured brickwork, wall panels, walk-in wardrobes, soft carpets etc can be used to showcase your personal taste.

7. Dark blue is trending

Dark blue against natural wood is likely to be the new bedroom trend this year. Here in this example the combination of blue with jewel toned furnishings has created a contemporary layout with a unique style. The wooden bed here gives natural accent to the environment while warm jewel colors and otherwise subdued colors of the room retain the soothing ambience.

Here are some more ideas to give trendy makeover to your bedroom.

Which of these bedroom decor trends of 2021 are you most likely to adopt? Do let us know in your comments below.

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