A Modern Home Oozing with Rustic Simplicity

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NG | Cambuí Campinas, MANAA ARQUITETURA MANAA ARQUITETURA Modern dining room
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We are about to witness the confluence of modern and rustic delights today! Set in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo, this friendly region of Campinas is replete with meadows and expansive metropolitan areas. This unlikely combination gives it a vibrant character that is hard to match. And we invite you to take a tour of a compact yet charming home equipped with modern sensibility, set in this region. The NG Cambui Campinas has been designed by Manaa Arquitetura, a group of creative architects in this part of Brazil, and the abode promises comfort as well as functionality. So join us to explore more!

Compact Innings in the Main Hall

The entry way opens right into this compact hall which immediately sets the tone for the modern yet rustic design scheme. Exposed construction elements like the brick wall and the beam above, give this space a strong architectural leaning towards the quaint rustic school of thought. But contemporary fun is also in store for you, as you will soon discover!

Easy does it in the Living Room

The main hall is divided into two distinct areas: the living room and the dining room. What we love about the living room is the fact that it follows an easy going design scheme, which is uncluttered yet practical even in a compact space like this one. The glossy white entertainment unit sits squarely with a TV mounted on the wall above. A simple ladder-like shelf stands to a side with a large window on the other side. The window has been deliberately left unhindered for plenty of natural light to flow in and a feeling of openness. The white walls also make the zone appear more spacious than it is.

A Comfortable Vibe

The living room has a hushed tone of comfort that reaches us over and above its stylish bearings. This comfort level adds to the little touches in its overall design scheme. The patterned rug that complements the white entertainment unit, as well as the light polish of the shelf that matches step with the snug couch, and the pretty yet sturdy end table next to it – these are a few of our favourite things!

Charming Touches in the Dining Room

While we are on the subject of prettiness and charm, how can we miss out the dining room? Sitting right across the living room, this area is all about playing up the beauty of the exposed brick walls, framed in exposed concrete panels. An industrial style black matte-finish lamp hangs from the ceiling to keep up with the modern, loft like vibe of the space, while a white glossy table with an unusual design stands next to the wall. The leg of the dining table is a perpendicular slab of the same material as the table top, which makes it a practical piece that can accommodate the chairs even after the chairs get pushed all the way in. This naturally opens up more space when dining ceases. The chairs are a pretty woven number in solid wood, exuding a cosy and minimalistic feel. Pretty artworks adorn the brick wall as a hardwood floor glistens below.

The Glossy Kitchen

The glossy kitchen is all about making good use of space with wrap around shelves sitting between the cabinets on top, and the cupboards and drawers situated below. Beige, brown, white and a hint of eclectic pale yellow, are hues that mark this space.

This home is a meeting ground of styles like a modern loft and a charming cottage, thanks to its rustic and contemporary vibes. Thoughtful architectural elements shine through this compact space too. Here is another home tour to inspire you further - A Stylish and Contemporary Home with a Dash of Fun!

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