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Housework cleaning tips for spotless home in 3 hours

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Life is no Disney movie. There are no friendly animals and helpful animated furniture that swoop in and start cleaning your house while treating you to a sing-along. Real life is a little bit trickier, where you either get help from another person (or appliances), or you tackle the housework yourself. 

Speaking of housework, how great would it be to live in a home that is spotless and dust-free 24/7? Unfortunately, life dealt us another blow there when it decided that dirt and grime should accumulate rather quickly. 

But enough of the drama, we need solutions – and seeing as this is homify, we have quite a few! We understand that between work, family, friends, and overall life, housework tends to get put on the back-burner. And that is why we are closing in on the most important areas in your home for when you don’t have time for a decent floor-to-ceiling spring cleaning. 

Let’s start!

1. Preparation: 10 minutes

It's important to get yourself in the right frame of mind and focus on the task at hand. 

First, get out all the appliances and products you'll need (vacuum cleaner, mop and bucket, dusters, etc) and free yourself of distractions, such as turning off the television and switching your phone to silent. Unless you have help, it's also best to wait until there's no-one else at home to hinder your progress. 

Ok, ready? Then roll your sleeves up and crack on…

2. De-cluttering: 35 minutes

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Innovative storage solutions.


When things are out of place, that’s when clutter rears its ugly head. So tackle it right away and search for any scattered objects around the house that don’t belong.

Are there any dirty cups in the living room? Is the dishwasher packed? What’s that sock doing on the sofa? Are the scatter cushions correctly placed? What about those shoes in the hallway?

3. Tackle the living room: 30 minutes

All loose things back in their place? Good, that will make it much easier to sweep and dust. 

Sail into that living room armed with your broom, vacuum cleaner, garbage bag, and whatever else you think might be necessary. Remember to check behind the sofa and under the coffee table for any accumulated dust or dirt. 

Wipe those surfaces (like the TV stand, fireplace mantle, etc.) to rid your home of dust and bring back the shine.

And then tackle the floors with a mop and soap water, but make sure the detergent you’re using is suitable for your particular floor.

homify hint: Leave those windows open. It’ll help the floors to dry more quickly, plus add some fresh air to your interiors.

4. Clean that kitchen: 40 minutes

The kitchen is definitely the hardest place to clean, as it presents lots of little nooks and corners in which dirt can build up. Not to mention heavy appliances which must be moved for decent cleaning. 

Make sure you have a bucket with water and a good degreasing agent. A multi-purpose detergent can work, but just make sure it doesn’t damage your high-tech appliances. 

Leave your sink for last, since you will most likely use it during your kitchen cleaning. 

Finally, sweep or vacuum those kitchen floors to ensure a bright and shiny surface (vinyl flooring is especially rewarding!)

5. Time for the bedroom: 30 minutes

Although this can be a breeze compared to the kitchen, concentration and dedication is still required. 

Make the bed and ensure the sheets and pillowcases are clean. Sweep or vacuum the floor and remember the corners. Wipe down those windows and leave them open to dry faster. Should you live in an area where an open window means incoming dust, then rather keep them closed lest your hard work be for nothing. 

homify hint: Light a scented candle or some incense to allow a fresh odour to overtake those cleaning chemicals.

6. Next up, the bathroom: 20 minutes

The toilet, bathtub, and shower are the three most important elements in the bathroom. Tackle that accumulating mould in the shower. Wipe off those dirt stains in the bathtub. And double-check the inside of your toilet to avoid a nasty surprise. 

Are the bathroom towels on the floor or on the railing? Make sure they’re neat and dry, otherwise replace them with the spare ones. 

Wipe down the mirror and quickly run a mop over the floor. We’re almost there!

7. Now for the porch and garden: 10 minutes

This is mostly just touch-ups, seeing as nobody expects exterior areas to remain perfect and dirt-free. 

Sweep the porch and remove any fallen leaves and dirt. Wipe down those tables and chairs and make sure those lounger/bench pillows are as clean as possible. 

Are the flower pots neatly arranged? You want them to appear natural, yet also tidy, so do a quick once-over.

8. Final checking: 5 minutes

Your cleaning is done! Now for some last-minute upkeep. Spray some air freshener in the bathroom if needed. Are those scented candles in the bedroom still okay? Close the windows that have finished drying and rearrange any rugs or wall art that look a little skew.

This is also prime opportunity to take any flowers from the garden or porch inside for a batch of colour and freshness.

And that is all that is needed to enjoy a clean and neat house until your next hardcore cleaning session!

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