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9 Design Trends to Follow for the Living Room in 2021

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As we welcome 2021 with hope and optimism, interior designers and decorators are introducing fresh ideas for cheerful décor. While the living room has always seen the most traffic in any house, 2020 was different. With no guests visiting and life limited to home, it became the family's favourite hangout spot. In most homes over the past year, the living room doubled as the home office, children's play zone, or the space for virtual classes. It became a lot more than a room for entertaining. So, let's check out the design trends for living rooms to dress up the most-used space for a positive year ahead.  

1. The serene calmness of white and blue

White and blue bring in calmness in the busy living room amidst the family's chaotic schedule. It's one colour combination loved by almost all. From the subtle tone of the neutral white popular in the past, the restful charm of blue brings harmony, spreads calm, and adds a positive vibe in the living room.

2. Sustainable and inviting living space

With the family spending more time indoors, the living room design trends will lean towards being more inviting, cosy, and liveable. The trend for 2021 will be more sustainable, casual, and relaxed. Mix and match the furniture, placing something new with something old. Instead of changing the entire setting, the emphasis will be on making it comfortable for the family rather than to decorate to impress.  

3. Movable furniture for living luxury

The trend is moving towards movable and relaxed furniture and furnishings from heavy and fixed living room furniture. Recliners, expandable sofa set, daybeds, flexible layouts for adding more seating when needed, a comfortable rug to sit on the floor when watching television – living room decor will be all about creating a relaxed space that makes it the ideal family room.  

4. Freshness of greenery

Indoor plants and planters will rule the décor trend in 2021. Gardening will also be a great hobby to develop as a family. Nurturing plants, creating an indoor garden, and then flaunting your effort on social media, will add the freshness of greenery in the living room when the focus of life shifts from real to the virtual world.

5. Multi-functional living space

With ‘work from home’ trending worldwide, it makes sense to make space for a home office in the living room. A simple work desk and a chair placed anywhere in the living room will add to its décor and create a comfortable workspace. 

6. Back-to-nature theme

Step into the New Year by freshening up the living room and going back to nature. Natural materials, simplicity in design, recycling old items with a DIY project, and bright colour to pop up the style, this year mixes the naturals with a splash of bold colour to add personality and depth to the living room décor.

7. Meditative addition in the décor

A peaceful meditative décor will create a calm atmosphere in the living room, the busy space in the new normal. Stone-textured wallpaper, a stone pedestal or a statue of the Buddha, is perfect décor for the living room.

8. Swing in the style

The swing, the family's favourite in the living room, is a trend to add this season. The playful addition strategically placed can be a partition without a wall, a play zone, and a gossip zone for the elders. Bring in style by hanging one in the living room. Choose a traditional wooden one with brass hangers or modern swing chairs – the choice is yours.  

9. Pantone color for the year 2021

Move with the trend and bring in the Pantone colour for 2021, Illuminating yellow and Ultimate Gray in the living room décor. A simple change of furniture, furnishing, or the addition of colour can bring in a significant difference. An Ultimate Gray wall and the Illuminating screen glowing brightly in yellow is a trend that will work well.

Get more ideas to add Pantone Color 2021 to your home decor: Pantone 2021—The perfect combination of Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow.

Which trend would you adopt for your living room? Leave us a comment.

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