Pantone 2021—The perfect combination of Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow

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Colors have a unique way of bringing cheer to any environment both indoors and outdoors when used in the right combination. Keeping this vital spirit of color in mind, this year, Pantone has selected two colors instead of one that complement each other most magically. Pantone color of the Year 2021 are stable, steady grey that never goes out of style and sunny yellow that infuses life into any region.

Here are some exciting ways in which the two colors have been playfully and intelligently used by interior decorators to enhance different parts of the home. Browse through the range of ideas to choose the one that is suited for your home.

1. Cheerful kitchen

The artful combination of yellow on wall and below counter cabinets with light grey furniture makes this small kitchen appear large and airy.

2. Practical touches

A small bedroom does not directly translate to cramped style. In this pretty bedroom with neutral colors, yellow is partnered with white and beige on the bed while the walls tell a different story.

3. On the floor

If you feel color is limited to walls then see how this simple grey flooring gets a cheerful facelift from a yellow trim.

4. Yellow along the edges

A bathtub with yellow on the outside and the shower backsplash in the same tone add cheer to this monotonous bathroom, don't you think?

5. Splashes of yellow

In a white and grey bedroom see how this pale yellow makes a beautiful partnership without being overpowering. The toned-down yellow on the chair and lampshade keep up the theme.

6. Play mix and match

Instead of keeping an entire section grey or yellow like cabinets, shelves or counters you can play with colors, like here. The combination of grey and yellow patches give the kitchen a wholesome look.

7. Dark shades

To create something unique and interesting, panelled walls in grey were created for the living and dining area. While the heavy grey sofa adds character to the region, the combination of dark yellow cushions with grey ones and the pairing with another sofa of a similar dark yellow shade creates a lovely composition.

8. Soothing sleeping quarters

This combination of grey and yellow with two different shades of blue looks fresh and stylish and creates a restful ambiance.

9. Contemporary seating space

The combination of simple geometric patterns, natural elements like a stone wall and light-toned sofas make the living room a restful paradise. The deep yellow hand-stitched curtains create a striking balance with the floor mat and sofa cushions.

10. Reading nook

The reading nook cushioned in yellow and contrasted with grey takes on a cheerful glow.

11. Play area

The children's climbing wall is designed in the tiger theme and has yellow grips fashioned as tiger claws.

12. Patch of yellow backsplash

To avoid turning this kitchen into a grim combination of grey and white yellow backsplash tiles have been added to bring a dash of color.

13. Cabinets in yellow

Give your modern kitchen a trendy update by painting the cabinets all around in yellow like here and coordinating it with steel grey countertops.

14. Display case in yellow

The display case here has been artfully designed in yellow against a grey wall. By mixing together open and closed cabinets and shelves the structure carefully exposes some sections while covering others.

15. Yellow for the children

Children love bright colors so why not make a pretty combination of yellow and grey that balance each other and retain an air of playfulness.

16. Lighted backgrop

To keep the dullness out of a kitchen that lacks windows with a view of the outside, a cheerful wall in yellow shines amidst the grey cabinets and walls.

17. Wardrobe in grey and yellow

The wardrobe with yellow doors is balanced by the grey trim of pull out drawers at the bottom and the loft cabinets. This kind of grey and yellow combination looks good with neutral backgrounds and reflects a combination of fun and seriousness.

18. Soft yellow for cheer

The yellow walls here bring cheer and warmth to the minimalist decor. The deep-toned grey is in the curtains on the large windows that stay open during the day to bring in sunlight.

19. Industrial style

Grey is an important part of the industrial style, and here, it plays a prominent part in the bedroom cum work area, but then yellow is not far behind and makes it presence felt in the bright cushion.

20. An abode of calm

An ideal way to add bright yellow subtly is through furniture, like in this house. The otherwise dark color palette of the furnishings get an uplift with the cheerful chairs in the corner.

21. Submarine yellow

Referred to as the submarine house the structure was designed to allow as much free space in the available land area as possible. So the entire functional area of the house like kitchen and bathroom along with the bed unit were built adjacent to each other and given a cheerful yellow facade.

22. A sociable dining area

An open floor plan gives this modern home a cheerful look. The chirpy yellow chairs against an eclectic crockery cum bar unit in eccentric blue are brightly illuminated with overhead lights. The grey sofas add a dramatic contrast to the entire setup.

23. Cheerful kitchen

Pops of yellow on all sides are balanced by the white island, grey floor and grey stools in this stylish kitchen built to attract attention.

24. A small bathroom with cheery lighting

While the skylight brings natural light into this bathroom, the charming amber lights brighten up the space. The thoughtful division of dry and wet areas by coloring the shower background in grey and other areas in yellow gives a feeling that there is sunlight during all hours.

25. A sunny dining area

The tiny home has been sectioned out neatly with subtle changes in the background. While the living room has a white background, yellow for the dining area looks pretty with the cool grey furniture.

26. A cheerful work area

Although usually children's work areas are decorated in bright shades, here, the decorators opted for something different. The combination of grey and white with touches of yellow adds warmth to the eat-in countertop that doubles up as a homework zone.

27. Trendy kitchen

In a large kitchen that is spacious enough to include a dining area using an eclectic mix of soft colors to brighten up a monochrome palette is an excellent idea. The splashes of yellow above the counter and on the ceiling are a nice touch.

28. Kiddie room

Perk up the room of a growing teenager with bright colors but certainly not too bright to appear garish. The combination of yellow and grey on the quilt is perfectly complemented by yellow on the ceiling.

29. Yellow staircase

Want to give a stylish lift to a dull space, using a bright accessory? This playful yellow staircase is safe for children to play around with as they move around their nursery and step up to sleep in their bunk beds.

30. Touch of minimalism

Make the best use of existing space by using appropriately sized furniture and refresh the look with small touches like painting and table accessories. The simple domed lampshade in grey is modern and trendy!

Which of these ideas is your favourite? Leave us a comment.

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