Ideas for small balcony makeovers on a budget

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The balcony is a great place to relax and unwind, experiencing nature at it's finest after being cooped up indoors all day. Many homeowners allow the size of their balconies to get the better of them, writing them off as they are too small. It results in them using the balcony as a storeroom for broken and unwanted items. Another notion that most people seem to have is that balcony renovation is a costly ordeal requiring the expertise of an interior designer or decorator. Fortunately, numerous ideas allow for a balcony makeover without burning a hole in the pocket. Read on to discover what they are.

1. Furniture that doesn't occupy floor space

Foldable seating in the balcony is a must-have! It allows you to fold the bench back into the wall when it is no longer in use. Adding a touch of colour with water-resistant fabric helps to keep the outdoor space lively and upbeat. Using creepers to decorate the railings of your balcony is another great idea with which you can experiment.

2. A private outdoor setting

If you live in an apartment, there's a possibility that the amount of outdoor space available exclusively to you is relatively less. You could set up a bistro-like ensemble in your balcony with the simple addition of a round centre table and chairs around it. Circular tables tend to take up less space while adding a unique touch to the area.

3. Fairy lights

Despite being a ubiquitous option, fairy lights are an elegant accessory for shining a new light on the balcony. They take up no floor space, adding an elegant charm to the area, especially after sunset. You could invest in solar-powered fairy lights that turn on automatically when it gets dark, ensuring that your outdoor space never goes dark.

4. Cosy outdoor haven

Rather than treating the balcony as a separate entity of your home, you can choose to see it as an extension of the indoors. It gives you a feel of the indoors while experiencing nature's elements. Weather-resistant pieces help to make this idea a reality. An accent wall housing an array of shelves upon which potted plants rest is a great idea to save on floor space. It is an inexpensive option considering that you can do it yourself.

5. Clever furniture

Unwinding in the confines of your private outdoor space is a luxury that many people with small balconies forgo. With cleverly selected furniture such as these balcony wicker chairs and a centre table, space no longer is a constraint, and neither is your budget. The key is to go with comfortable furniture that occupies little floor space. You could also turn the area into a zen garden with the addition of statues, pebbles or a lawn cover. Make use of the centre table to house your plants for the best effect.

6. Mounted planters

Planters take up a considerable amount of space even when lined against the walls of the balcony. It becomes all the more evident in a smaller balcony. Mounted planters come to the rescue in such cases. They take up wall space as opposed to floor space, bringing in much-needed greenery without compromising on floor space. Mounted planters are economical and can also be made by hand with old cans or containers.

7. Privacy screen

An attractive privacy screen is a great way to spruce up the balcony without spending too much. You could opt for a patterned one that shields you from your neighbours while adding a touch of beauty to the balcony. Another idea to experiment with is to have the floor painted to resemble the pattern of tiles you would like.

Protect your balcony from the elements of nature year-round with these simple tips.

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