Glass essentials for a glistening home

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Fruit and Flowers custom glass chandeliers, A Flame with Desire A Flame with Desire Living roomLighting
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Glass is one of the oldest and critical material in the history of construction. Modern glass manufacturers provide a plethora of options for creating an exotic home or office using glass.There are different types of glasses like colored glasses, tainted glasses, convex glasses, reflecting glasses, etc. from which you could make the right choice to suit your needs. In today's world, there are unlimited applications of glass in the market which are readily available.

Glass windows for bedrooms

Imagine a view you could enjoy from your bedroom's comfort. Having an entire wall of ultra modern designer windows feels like just the right thing to do. Make them up with some fancy drapes and hangings you would be tempted not leave your room.

Glass windows for the Veranda

Roofing projects, Ploughcroft Ploughcroft Classic style conservatory

Roofing projects


A traditional brick finish home complemented by those glass windows are a sight for the onlooker. Huge glass windows not only brings more brightness in the room but also allows you to enjoy your garden. It is never a bad idea to incorporate a glass designed veranda for a brand new modern look yet preserving the ethnicity. 

Glass ceilings

The beautiful glass ceiling is a jewel that adores your home. The glistening glass roof reflecting light in the nights makes your home look no less than a Maharaja's palace. An additional glass chandelier and an authentic white silver bed side lamp and watch your home glow with royalty. 

Sliding glass doors

Usually, during the planning phase of the house, one of the trickiest questions you face is—How to separate the dining room from the living room? But now, you could take off your mind and work on more important decisions as we have a brilliant idea that could solve the exact problem. Using sliding glass doors will separate the two rooms elegantly providing visual access without violating your privacy. Sliding doors are also economical and will definitely fit in your budget. 

Tainted glass artwork

Tainted or stained glasses have been in the Indian culture for many centuries. Despite, the Europeans popularly used tainted glasses int heir core architecture, you could also see many monuments with Moghul architecture adopting this art style. Tainted artworks, mirrors or dome shaped roofs with tainted glass could bring out the vanity you always craved for. 

Glass Boulevard

If you are living in Bangalore and visited Lal Bagh, have you ever thought about having a glass boulevard for yourself when you entered that magnificent glass house? Well, what if we say, now it could be a reality for your dream home! The feeling of resting in the lap of nature is inexplicable and is definitely a luxury for city dwellers. Design a glass boulevard and let those greens climb those beautiful glass walls while you enjoy the beauty of it. 

Glass staircases

Two Levels of Floating Stairway Railing London Ltd Corridor, hallway & stairs Stairs
Railing London Ltd

Two Levels of Floating Stairway

Railing London Ltd

A good staircase should be spacious and easily accessible without hassle. A classic example of a staircase by Railing London demonstrates a decent staircase with clean wooden step and glass railings which presents a view of floating steps. A minimalist staircase clubbed with sophistication works perfectly for homes and commercial buildings. 

Glass tiled bathroom

There are numerous advantages to pick glass tiles over ceramics for your special place like bathrooms. Firstly, the glass tiles come with a variety of colors and patterns. Secondly, glass tiles are low-maintenance in comparison with the ceramic tiles. Last but not least,  certainly, the colors will never wear away and hence providing a sense of depth. 

A glass pool table

G4 Glass Pool Table, Quantum Play Quantum Play Multimedia roomFurniture
Quantum Play

G4 Glass Pool Table

Quantum Play

A beautiful glazed pool table is best suitable to relax after a long week of work. It is an essential member or a bachelor's home to unwind with friends and show off your striking taste. There are a variety of options available by . You could also choose from custom made kicker table as well. Pick a table and get that adrenaline gushing through your veins. 

Flowered glass chandeliers

Fruit and Flowers custom glass chandelier A Flame with Desire Living roomLighting
A Flame with Desire

Fruit and Flowers custom glass chandelier

A Flame with Desire

Just like a vibrant hanging garden, the flowered glass chandelier lights up the entire room like a bright day's sun. The reflecting fractal effect of the chandelier can be soothing and magical. What better way of using glass to decorate your home! 

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