Stylish and inspiring interior design for a bachelor pad in Gurgaon

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The interiors of a bachelor pad talk a lot about the personality of the man residing in it. Some men prefer large couches for laidback afternoons while others wish to incorporate home theatres and huge TV units for their movie nights. However, there is more to a bachelor’s pad than meets the eye. Here, the interior designers and decorators from Rich & Aki, Gurgaon have effortlessly combined functionality and a contemporary style to give an unmatched appeal to this compact bachelor pad. From the colour to textures, materials, lighting and decorative accessories, they have focused on every single aspect to make it an ultimate retreat. 

A wood affair

Here, the same design shared by the wall and the wooden door results in a camouflaging effect. The surrounding white walls create a beautiful contrast with the door, whereas the uniquely constructed ceiling lends charm.

Stylish ceiling design

The exceptionally crafted ceiling design instantly grabs attention and offers an aesthetic appeal to the ordinary passage. Its sleek blocks with yellow light being thrown on them create the illusion of golden bricks and infuse a hint of luxury in the décor. Also, the vertical arrangement of blocks gives an elongated look to the corridor while maintaining a sense of warmth.

Optimal space utilisation

This picture gives you a clear idea of how smartly the room has been arranged to make use of every nook and cranny. From the bed to the chairs, bench and side table, leather material, which lends a classy touch, can be seen dominating the whole space. Also, the marble flooring enhances the appeal of the room. 

Bedroom from another angle

From this angle of the bedroom, you get to see the actual layout of the room and how cleverly a study table, additional seating space and several other elements have been incorporated in the room. Also, the orange chair and table add a pop of colour and create a beautiful contrast to the rest of the furnishings.

Well-planned bathroom

This modern bathroom displays optimum utilisation of every inch of the total space to produce a stylish setting with space-saving features. From the marble wall cladding, well-designed drawers, wall niche and tankless toilet, everything has been constructed keeping the contemporary theme in mind.

Cosy bathing area

Opposite to the dressing section is this beautiful bathing area. To complement the marble wall cladding, the tub has also been constructed with a dark coloured marble block. While the small window invites natural light, the lighting fixture truly steals the show with its unmatched construction.

Enclosed shower area

Near the bathtub is an enclosed shower area, which adds to the décor and prevents the water from splashing everywhere. Featuring light and dark hues, this section provides a soothing and relaxing ambience.

Compact dressing room

Despite the compact space, the dressing room provides ample space for an individual to move around and get ready. While the dressing unit and stool share the same dark wood material, the light brown wood flooring creates a pleasant contrast. Moreover, the huge mirror creates the illusion of a larger space. 

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