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Ba Na Hills

Khánh Viết Khánh Viết
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Mo Stream: You can visit the dream stream before you get on the cable car, where you will see the Toc Tien waterfall with the clear and cool stream like a dream. Tour Da Nang to Ba Na Hills And Ba Na then was considered a resort town The very important French officials, soldiers and expatriates in the Middle Ages, have attracted tourists throughout Indochina. The transformation of the Asian Park model has also brought a new look to the park and many new experiences, attracting not only visitors to Danang but also the people of the city

Why are you bringing money from Ukraine to invest in such a difficult place? Years ago, my business brothers and I went on a trip to Cyprus together. Right at Arapang restaurant, pumpkin party with many typical Halloween dishes and pumpkin dishes create a unique culinary experience unique. Menu-order lunch at restaurants

15h45: Finish and leave Ba Na by the third cable line, which is a cable car with a length and height of 4 world records. Right at Ba Na Hills, a miniature France with full of European beauty will fascinate and bring you equally interesting experiences. Therefore, if you stay overnight in Ba Na or get down late, you should bring a jacket, lest it get cold, it will get cold around 3-6pm

Although you know that, this time, the organization The festival is expensive, and revenue is not an achievable goal, we still want to work with Da Nang to give visitors more new experiences when choosing Han River city as the destination for the whole family. during this summer vacation. ”Ba Na is the most prominent and important mountain range in the Truong Son range and the horizontal mountains (Hoanh Son) are located in the coastal terrain. 120 tourists choose Ba Na to rest

Step into the cellar space, you will immediately feel the characteristic taste of wine, very passionate and seductive. French-style flowers '' Le Jardin d'Amour '', visitors are also infatuated with many rare and colorful flowers such as hydrangeas, lavender, Queen firecrackers, bell peaches, cypress ... area `` huge '' 21. Accordingly, since 20-9, Sun World Ba Na Hills will be open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekdays with most of the attractions and entertainment activities

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